Adding Vintage Touches To A Modern Home.

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There’s nothing wrong with looking to the future, but there is such a thing as overdoing it. In our quest to be modern, we forget everything good about the old ways of doing things. While the past wasn’t always pretty, they did have some good qualities! So when it comes to designing your home, don’t try to make every inch of it modern. Instead, incorporate some more traditional touches. It’s more than possible to add a slither of the old to a contemporary home! Below, we’ll show you how.

Old School Lighting

Now, there is something pretty cool about those lights that you can control with your smartphone, but is it just a fad? It’s possible…indeed it’s possible that smartphones are just a fad (albeit one that’s been around for longer than most trends). While your friends might be getting that atmospheric mood lighting installed on their property, take a look at adding symbols of traditional grandness, such as chandeliers and antique lamps. They can offset modern decor well, and offer the “wow” factor, too. Plus, it’s much more romantic to eat under a chandelier, rather than whipping out your smartphone and turning the lighting down when everyone’s eating.

Pots and Pans

OK, Teflon pans are pretty cool. But they don’t look like much, do they? For our money, we think it’s much better to go flea market hunting and deck out your kitchen with copper pots and pans. You can fill your drawers with old-school cutlery too. It’s much more fun to go hunting for supplies that have bags of character (and a long history) rather than head to a superstore and buy those items that everyone has in their kitchen. Everything in your cooking zone will be interesting!

Corner Chairs

There’s no doubting that modern sofas are more comfortable than their traditional counterparts, which were a tad formal. When you’re sitting down to watch a film with the family, you want a sofa that’s extra relaxing, and who can blame you? However, that doesn’t mean every piece of furniture you own has to be modern. A good aesthetic (not to mention comfort) choice is to have a traditional antique chair in the corner. Buy one from a flea market, fill it with foam padding, and you’ll have a cosy reading chair! They’re stylish, and, again, have character, making them a great addition to your living room.

Grand Comfort

They were slightly less shy about being “grand” in the old days. While you wouldn’t want every aspect of your home to be extravagant, there is space for the odd gesture. For example, take the standalone bath. You rarely see them anymore! Or the four poster bed. They’ll be eye-catching details in your modern home.

Classic Entertainment

Finally, turn off that wifi, and go old-school! A bookshelf with nothing but dusty old books, or a record player filled with vinyl records of music’s most popular pressings will give your home that classic feel, perfectly blending the old and the new.