Calvin Klein Women.


Calvin Klein Woman Launch at Fragrance Direct

Calvin Klein Women Launches at Fragrance Direct!

My bargain friendly faves over at Fragrance Direct have launched the new Calvin Klein Women fragrance and when given the opportunity to try it out - I jumped at the chance! I own so many fragrances from FD now and I adore each and every single one, they offer perfumes from some of the best, and some of my favourite brands. Today we're having a look at this new beauty from CK so lets get into the juicy deets...

Calvin Klein Woman Launch at Fragrance Direct

Calvin Klein Women

I think it's hard to miss how unique this perfume bottle is, I love the sleek, contemporary design. It's really quite eye opening (ha) how imagery transforms packaging, particularly a transparent bottle like this. It reminds me of something you would see in a modern art gallery! I'm a big fan of how CK have designed this and it's going to look gorgeous placed on one of my shelving units. I've had a few other CK fragrances and I've always loved that they go for the more basic designs, as it makes a change from the pretty fancy ones that you see in all of the fragrance stores. Sometimes something a little more simple can make such a lovely addition to a perfume collection, particularly if you like to decorate your shelves with them like I do. As for the scent of this fragrance, it's very unlike what I'd usually go for. It's really quite sophisticated, whereas I usually tend to go for something quite fruity and sweet. I feel like what I usually go for is very casual, and this one makes me imagine wearing it to the office, or to a meeting. It's an incredibly woody and feminine with a slight floral element, with top notes of eucalyptus and base notes of alaskan cedarwood. If you're looking for a new fragrance to wear to work then I think this one is absolutely perfect, I've got so many meetings and events coming up that this one will definitely be my first choice.

Do you think you'll be adding the new CK Women Fragrance to your perfume collection?

As always you can find it at Fragrance Direct for a much more affordable price than on the high street.

Calvin Klein Woman Launch at Fragrance Direct
Calvin Klein Woman Launch at Fragrance Direct

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