Creating The Perfect Gallery Wall In 5 Simple Steps.

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A gallery wall can be created in an infinite number of ways. How you create your gallery wall is all down to your personal tastes and preferences. You can use artwork neatly lined up, or you can use a variety of pieces in a more ‘organic’ way, placing them wherever feels natural to create more of an eclectic feel.


If you want to create the perfect gallery wall, all you have to do is follow the 5 simple steps outlined here. Don’t wait any longer – get started on your gallery wall now.


  1. Decide On The Look You Want

You can decide on the look you want first, so you have an idea of the sort of pieces you want to collect. However, you could also swap this step and the next step, deciding on the look you want after you’ve collected your pieces.


Have a look at different gallery walls online and get a feel for the ones you like the most. This should give you a starting point. If your home is very modern and clean cut, then a tidy gallery wall might look best and more uniformed. That being said, an organic gallery wall could add a bit of contrast and interest! There are no rules.


  1. Start Collecting Pieces And Take Your Time

Once you have an idea of the sort of look you want, start looking at different pieces you can include. Don’t rush it. Creating the perfect gallery wall with pieces that you absolutely love could easily take a few months. Don’t expect to complete it overnight, or even in a few days.


Look at pictures you’d like to include, artwork, quotes, accessories, and more. You can look at frames from places like to frame your art and other pieces. You can make them uniformed with the same size and shape, or go for a more unique look with different sizes and shapes.


The important thing is that you really take your time and only select items that you love.


  1. Get the Measurements And Placements Right

Once you’ve collected everything for your wall, you need to get the measurements and placements right. Measure your wall, and then lay out your pieces on the floor to get a feel for the sort of look you want. Don’t just wing it and hang pieces up, as you can end up with a lot of holes in your wall this way and it won’t look great. You can avoid a lot of the hard graft by getting an idea of the look you’d like first.


As well as laying them out on the floor to get a feel, you could also use card cut to similar shapes to get an idea before bluetacking them on your wall. It’s important to be sure about the lay out before you start putting up your pieces. Use bluetack to lightly mark the wall where you want to hang the piece, so that you don’t get it even a centimetre the wrong way.


  1. Get It Level

When it’s time to start putting up your chosen pieces, make sure they are level. Use a spirit level to get things as straight as possible, even if you’re going for a more eclectic vibe. You don’t want to step back from your project and realize that everything is wonky and looks ridiculous.


  1. Work Out What’s Missing

When you’ve got everything hung up and straight. Take a step back and admire your work. It may take a few days, or even weeks, but you may notice that some pieces are missing from your display. You might feel like you want to add something else to make it look complete. In some cases, your wall will be complete and you can leave it alone. In others, you may want to make a few tweaks to ensure it looks as amazing as it possibly can. However, if you’re the kind of person who simply can’t ‘leave things alone’ in general, it may be best if you simply let it go. You could end up messing with the wall until you’ve got holes all over the place.


If you’re still unsure, you could always have the critical eye of somebody you trust look over the wall. Perhaps even a couple of people. You’ll likely get a mix of opinions, but their feedback could help you to make it even better.


Will you use these steps to create the perfect gallery wall? If you have any tips of your own, leave them below. Thanks for reading!