Family Friendly Locations.


Family Friendly Holiday Locations

Fancy a family friendly break away?

I've been on so many holidays with my family growing up, I admit that I haven't taken Reuben on too many yet (although he's not even two yet!) - it's mostly down to just not wanting to do it on my own with a toddler but I 100% plan on taking him on lots more adventures as he gets older and I'm so excited for all the places we're going to get to explore. I'm always thinking about the places I'd like to go and which would have things we'd both love. I love pretty villages and the countryside, but a young child will obviously get bored easily so I also have to make sure there's plenty of things for him to do too. If you fancy hearing about my top picks then keep reading...

Family Friendly Holiday Locations
Family Friendly Holiday Locations


I went to Wales quite a lot when I was younger, it's one of those places with beautiful little villages and gorgeous views. There's so many places perfect for families there with plenty of activities and outdoor things to do. I remember having the best time there as a kid with my brothers and sisters, we definitely made some special memories there. Wales Cottage Holidays have some great options for accommodation, however big your family is.



Cornwall is quite a drive from where I live, up North. It's about a 10 hour drive I think which is insane! Even with how far away it is, we went lots when I was younger as my family love it down there. We always stayed in cute places and went out exploring, and the views there are just so beautiful. Sometimes when we were by the sea it actually felt like we were abroad, the sea was such a gorgeous shade of blue and the weather was so warm. This is actually at the top of my list because I want Ru to experience how pretty it is down there too, he will love it!


Disney Land Paris

Would this even be a family friendly list without Disney Land on it? I was quite young when I went to Disney with my family but I actually remember parts of it so well. We had such a blast, whilst I do enjoy exploring cities I know that I would have just as good of a time taking Ru to Disney. It's such a magical experience and I can just imagine his little face whilst he runs around the park. I can't wait to take him.



Lanzarote is very geared up for tourists and families, I was only three when I went but my parents always talk about it and how much I loved it. There was a beach with a park that I was apparently obsessed with playing in. I love looking at photos and looking back on memories of it, it's somewhere I would love to take Ru just because it's a place I went to around his age.


Where have you been on a family holiday that you really enjoyed?