Four Things For The Colder Weather.

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For lots of us, a new season means a new start, and your wardrobe is no exception. The change in temperature means you’ll be reaching for cosier items, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget about fashion. On the contrary, it’s never been easier to layer your clothes in a stylish way.


Make sure you’ve got the winter basics sorted and your days of saying you have nothing to wear will be gone. These are the four things you should be buying now — you’ll reach for them again and again.


1. Bell-sleeve sweaters

A simple update to the classic winter knit, bell sleeves flare out (either a little or a lot) and add a romantic element to your everyday wardrobe. Choose a gentle flare for a subtle take on the trend, or go for larger sleeves to add some drama.

A bell-sleeve sweater goes with practically everything and is fun to wear, too — you may well find yourself gesturing more than normal to show it off.


2. A wear-anywhere dress

Nothing is easier to throw on in the morning than a dress. Look for something versatile you can style in lots of different ways to get the most value for money.

Throw a jumper over the top and team it with trainers, or wear it with heels so you’re ready for whatever the evening may bring. And don’t forget about accessories. It’s amazing what the addition of a scarf or a pair of earrings can do.

As for colour, rich jewel tones are an autumn staple, or you could go against tradition and pick something girly, like pretty florals.


3. Ankle boots

An essential for the autumn/winter season. Is anyone surprised ankle boots come back year after year? We certainly aren’t. They’re smart enough for the office and stylish enough to wear on a night out, but they won’t look out of place if you wear them casually at the weekend. Basically, there’s a pair for every occasion.


Neutral shades like black and tan will go with most things, but you can also jazz things up with heels, patterns, and embellishments like embroidery.


4. A cosy coat

Coats are well worth the investment. They protect you from all types of winter weather, plus the right coat will make you look like you’ve made an effort to dress up, even if all you’ve done is throw it over your outfit and run out the door.

Going to be spending a lot of time braving the elements? A parka will protect you. Need something smart? A wrap coat or trench coat will help you look pulled together (quite literally, thanks to the belt). While multiple shades are available, you can’t beat a classic camel coat.


What will you be buying for winter?