How to Keep Your Hair Looking and Feeling Fresh.

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Let’s face it, whether you frequently get your hair coloured or use plenty of products and have your hair styled regularly, our hair costs us a lot of money (it’s not easy being this fabulous, you know!).

However, I always like to look for ways I can protect my hair and keep it looking better for longer, reducing the amount of time I need to spend in the hairdressers. And from kitting myself out with everything I need at places like Capital Hair & Beauty to following some of the below tips, it’s quite simple to have happier, healthier and more manageable hair:


Consider How You’re Washing Your Hair

Over-washing your hair can have a severe impact on it, especially if it’s quite dry and brittle anyway or you regularly have it coloured or chemically treated.

Less is definitely more as washing your hair every day removes natural proteins and oils that are needed to keep your scalp and hair healthy. If you can, try washing it 3 times a week as this only leaves you one ‘greasy’ day.


Always Reach for Protection

Hairdryers, straighteners and the sun itself can really damage your hair, which is why you need to protect it from all sources of heat.

If you’re drying your hair at home, use a heat protection spray and try to keep your hairdryer at arm’s length so the heat isn’t too intense.


Make Your Blow Dry Last Longer

If done correctly, a good blow-dry should get you through two days at least (obviously this depends on your hair type). However, there are some products that can help you retain this style – and these don’t have to involve heating tools.

For example, if you blow-dry your hair one day, keep it going the next day and then tie it up in a high ponytail the day after to prolong the style.


How do you achieve this look?

Flip your head upside down and while you’re blow-drying it shake your hair around. The more you can move it around, the more volume you’ll get. Once it’s almost dry, flip your hair back up and section it off to finish smoothing it, getting the ends just right. You can do this by moving your dryer and brush to the ends of your hair to control it.


Invest in Good Tools

There’s a saying, a workman’s only as good as his tools, and that’s exactly the same when it comes to your hair. Good quality tools and products will make sure your hair is strong and healthy.

It’s always worth spending a little bit more on brushes – and if you look after them well they’ll last forever. Keep them free of hair and wash them once a month with warm water and baking soda.

Armed with these tips, you should notice your hair bouncing back to life in no time at all.