Minimalism Is Dead. Long Live The Bold.

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If the thought of stark white walls, crisp lines and a clinical finish without an iota of color leaves you in a cold sweat, you may be one of a growing number of individuals who are beginning to shun the concept of minimalism. For a decade or more we have been told that unfussy interiors devoid of homely textures, furnishings, and warm hues have been the en vogue design trends to aspire to. However, in recent years there has been a reemergence of bright, bold, varied and exciting designs that are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can enliven a once dull, white room. Take a look at why you should be embracing the bold and saying goodbye to the minimalism in your life.



Just because you are welcoming more pattern, more texture and more soft furnishings into your living room doesn’t mean you are saying hello to a whole host of clutter. People adored minimalism because there was no room for confusion. Everything had a place, straight lines and cleanliness dominated, and every item not in use was put away in nifty storage solutions, so only the bare minimum was on display. This doesn’t have to change now that you’re looking to be a little more adventurous with your decor. You can still have that flamingo wallpaper feature wall and that mock bronze hare lamp that you’ve had your eye on without your room descending into a pit of cluttered madness.



White walls symbolized the minimalist revolution. While crisp white can brighten up even the dullest of rooms, people are now keen to explore warmer tones, textured wallpaper or a mix of the two. Feature statement walls can inject some much needed vigor into any room. Flock floral traditional wallpaper may be your texture of choice. Alternatively, you might fancy harking back to a more retro age with some 1960s inspired geometric patterned wallpaper.


If a feature wall is a little too bold for your liking, consider putting up some Laura Ashley wall art to separate your acres of white wall space. Subtle canvas prints showing destinations you’ve traveled to can show off something a little more personal to you. Or you might even want to embrace some sculptural wall art such as a wire framed stag’s head or a pair of papier mache angel wings. Shunning the more minimalist design trend means that you can express your personality within your decor and show off a tad more creative flair.


The minimalism concept still has its place in the world of interior design. However, the clinical and cold vibe that can be felt from such interiors is being negated with the addition of warmer shades of color, more patterned surfaces, and comfortable soft furnishings. Hygge is the new buzzword, with the cozy Danish concept slowly taking over the glossy covers of the top interior design magazines. The next time you are planning to renovate a room in your humble abode, say goodbye to minimalism. Long live the bold.