Taking Time Out To Relax.

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As a solo parent in full time work, there’s one thing I do not do enough of – and that’s relax. Reuben is not yet in nursery so I have him at home all day and whenever I have a spare 5 minutes it’s spent catching up on my emails or housework! It’s so important to take more time out to relax and as of now I’ve started to make sure I get more of it. With a house move coming up it’s safe to say I’ve been pretty stressed lately so in order to have a bit of me time, I’ve been thinking about places I can go to completely chill.


A Spa Break

One of the things I’m lusting after is a lovely and relaxing spa break, The Bedford Lodge Hotel – a luxury 4 star hotel in Suffolk, sounds absolutely heavenly and just what the doctor ordered! It is a while away from me but I love a good road trip exploring new places. Besides – what’s the point in staying in a hotel close to home?! Not only is it a dreamy location, but they offer so many spa facilities including facials, massages, and even tanning – perfect for a good pamper.



Take Time Off

When you work for yourself, or even if you don’t, it’s so important to book a bit of time off now and again. It’s really not healthy to overwork yourself and I know for some people in certain jobs it’s not as simple as ‘just taking time off’ but if you can, then you definitely should. It doesn’t have to be every month, just book a couple of days off a few months away and make some nice plans that give you something to look forward to.


Get Help With The Kids

One of the biggest things that contributes to some much needed relaxation time is getting help with the kids. I rarely ever get help as I hate to be away from Reuben at a young age but when he’s sometimes gone off for the day with grandma it’s been absolute bliss to be able to do whatever I like with no interruptions or having to think about keeping an eye on a wild toddler every two seconds. We all love our kids but sometimes a tad bit of time away from them is good for your sanity!