Three NARS Bases.

Three NARS Foundations

Three bases I'm obsessed with...

If you're a regular reader around here, then you may already be aware just how obsessed I am with everything NARS. They are my all time fave beauty brand and I find it incredibly difficult not to spend every penny I have on their products. Every single thing they release is so dreamy, and they absolutely smash it with their shade range. I think their foundations are the only bases I've ever used where the colour match has been absolutely perfect. I think most of that is down to the fact that they offer a wide range of yellow toned shades, as well as pink toned unliked a lot of brands. I have really yellow toned skin so anything pink toned is a no-go for me, which is something I often struggle with! Today I'm chatting about three foundations from NARS that I absolutely love and why they are worth investing in.


The NARS all day luminous weightless foundation has been in my collection for absolutely ages now, I first bought it after trying out a sample and loving how flawless it left my skin looking. This did work better for me whilst my skin was going through a dry spell as it is a very watery foundation, however it's nothing that a good matte primer can't solve. This foundation is actually oil free but I tend to get pretty oily in the t-zone area, particularly during summer and this one still makes me a little oily unfortunately. However, as long as I use a mattifying primer before I apply it and a matte powder afterwards (which I generally have to do with any foundation I wear) I'm usually good to go. If you do have normal or dry skin, you won't have to worry about anything with this foundation as it's so silky and hydrating! One of the biggest pros about this foundation is that it comes with a pump unlike some of the other NARS bases and I'm definitely here for that. I love the frosted glass bottle too, v luxurious! The formula is very runny but it blends in like a dream and the coverage - oh my, it's insane. The finish is definitely more matte than the title of it would lead you to believe, however I love how healthy my skin looks with it. If you love a long lasting, full coverage base then this is definitely for you, it covers up every single flaw on my face without the need for concealer.

Three NARS Foundations


I've been using NARS sheer glow for a good few years now, I went a while without repurchasing and then I recently bought another one and I have no idea how I've survived without it for so long! The all day luminous foundation definitely has a fuller coverage than sheer glow, however sheer glow still has a good medium/full coverage to it. If I have breakouts I need a bit of concealer on top, but if I'm going through a really good skin period then sheer glow is all I need. If you love glowy skin then sheer glow gives you exactly that, I find it gives me a gorgeous dewy base without accentuating my oily areas which is why I love it so much. I hardly need to top up with powder using this yet it lasts so well throughout the day. There is a downside to it, that it doesn't come with a pump which definitely loses it some points - they could easily add a pump onto it like they have with all day luminous so I'm not sure why that isn't a thing yet but there you go! I can't say it's enough to put me off the foundation because NARS bases are just my all time fave, but that might just be me. The finish it gives is so natural looking yet it covers up everything very well and I love how glowy and healthy my skin looks all day long. This foundation is definitely a staple in my collection, especially during Autumn when I want that fuller but not too heavy coverage.



I still can't believe I spent so much time lusting after NARS velvet matte skin tint without getting my hands on it, it had so much hype around it and it was worth every single bit of it. I've worn this so much over the summer because it's one of the best matte bases for oily skin. It has a heavy coverage so it's perfect for covering up every breakout and smidge of redness, I also love the squeezy tube that it comes in. It makes a difference from the other NARS packaging and it also means when you think you've ran out you can cut open the top and squeeze out the last little bit to make the most of your ££. If you love heavier bases during the summer months like I do, then you will love this. I think you can apply less product for less coverage as it's very blendable but I tend to use it like any other foundation as I like a full coverage base.

Three NARS Foundations
Three NARS Foundations

Have you tried any NARS foundations? What's your fave?