Bath Time Treats.

Bath Time Treats

My favourite bath time treats...

I fell in love with a good bubble bath during my pregnancy, I had about three a day in my third trimester - and ever since I've been addicted to them. When I feel like some mega relaxation time then a hot bubble bath is the first thing on my list, and over the last couple of years I've discovered some favourites that are now my go-to's for a much needed pamper!

Bath Time Treats

The Body Shop British Rose Petal-Soft Bath Foam

I recently repurchased one of my all time favourite bath soaks, and that's the British Rose Bath Foam from The Body Shop. It smells incredible and creates the most lush bubble baths, I'm addicted! I run a little product under a running tap and the smallest amount gives me such dreamy bubbles. I feel so relaxed when getting into a bath of this stuff, the delicious scent just fills the bathroom it's insane!


The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Shower Cream

Another bubble bath favourite is the Almond Milk & Honey Shower Cream from TBS. I tend to use shower creams as bubble baths rather than to wash my body and this one is perfect for the times when my skin is a little bit more sensitive as it's so gentle and soap free. It leaves my skin so soft!

Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask

If you love Glam Glow face masks then you need to try out the Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask available at Aldi. It's £5.99 and it's literally the best dupe for the glam glow supermud mask! I actually can't quite believe how well this works for the price, I feel like I need to stock up and have a stash of them before they sell out. It tingles like mad when applied but that's how you can tell that it's working into the skin - out of all the face masks I've used, the ones that have truly worked have always tingled on my skin. It dries down quite hard as most mud masks do, so I tend to leave it on feeling like I've had botox or something but I like to have it on for a good half hour or more so it can work its magic. My skin is always so bright and healthy after using this, not to mention as so silky and soft. I use it at least once a week now as it really helps clear up any breakouts too. It's 100% worth picking up, an absolute steal!


YOPE Coconut & Sea Salt Shower Gel

Another current favourite shower gel is this Coconut & Sea Salt one from YOPE, who are a Polish brand with the most gorgeous illustrated packaging. This shower gel is a naturally moisturising gel for dry and sensitive skin, perfect for my eczema prone skin. I quite often get very itchy skin using certain bath products so I can always rely on this shower gel when my skin is feeling extra sensitive. I love the coconut scent as it's one of my faves so it always feels like such a treat too!


L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

Is it just me who finds anything from L'Occitane such a treat to use? The scents they offer are so overpowering (in a good way!) so that when used in the bath, it's all you can smell on your body for hours afterwards! My current fave from them is their Almond Shower Oil which has such a beautiful strong scent to it and leaves my skin feeling ultra soft. It also looks pretty luxe on the side of my bath too so win win!


OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel

I absolutely love the OSKIA Renaissance Cleanser, it's a gel to oil cleanser that cleanses off my makeup like a dream and leaves my skin feeling so soft and cleansed. I usually worry about using oil based cleansers with my oily T-Zone but this one doesn't leave my skin oily at all which is why I use it so much. I definitely recommend this if you fancy a treat in your skincare routine.


Lush Dream Cream

I initially bought the Dream Cream from Lush as a bid to sort my eczema out, but as it didn't work (barely anything actually does) I just started to use it a treat to pop on my skin post-bath instead. It's very lightweight and perfect for my sensitive skin so it just feels lovely to use after a nice hot bath whilst helping to keep my skin hydrated. It smells delicious too, I love using it on Reuben as well as myself!

Bath Time Treats
Bath Time Treats

What are your favourite bath time treats to use?



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