Original Street Style: Return Of The Tomboy.

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Today, there’s a lot of questions and vigorous debate about gender. Many women wish to remain distinct and not blur the lines, protecting their womanhood and femininity. However, some women want to be seen as being different, not connected to their gender at all. Before this all got cool and relevant, there was a word for a woman that had a little male streak in her personality. A tomboy, is a woman that wears slightly masculine clothing, likes to do things that are considered rough and with attitude. They didn’t like playing with barbies and wanted to have their own action man figure doll. They grew up to love football rather than dance. Their style wasn’t quite skater, nor punk. It was a mixture of hoodies, jeans, leather jackets, desert boots and piercings that took guts. You could say that the tomboy image was the first or ‘original’ streetwear. There were still feminine parts to their fashion but it was mostly a variation of the casual male clothes that teenagers wore. Looking around the fashion landscape, it seems like the tomboy style has made a huge comeback. Maybe it’s time you gave it a try?


It’s gym but it’s not

Workout clothes have slowly made their way into everyday street fashion. Joggers are the talk of the town, as they are comfortable, affordable and are one of the mainstays of the streetwear. You’ll see them everywhere in the metropolitan cities around the world. Locals want to wake up and go to the amenities such as the grocery store, gym, bank and universities without having to fuss around about how they look. Yet, there’s a meeting of two thoughts that make them cool. One, you want to be comfortable and not worry about how your figure looks while wearing joggers, and two, you’re making a statement that you don’t care about looking pretty or attractive, you’re confident in your own skin.


Joggers are a tomboy staple, but can and perhaps should be worn with shoes other than tennis or jogging sneakers. Tennis sneakers are too soft and jogging sneakers are too streetwear. Instead, rock a pair of black converse sneakers, with the tongue pulled out and up. If you want more attitude and than that, a pair of black leather motorcycle boots with belts straps will seal the deal. For some women this might be too much, looking a bit butch. However, you can get slim fit joggers or skinny joggers that will outline the curves of your legs to bring back a little sexiness.


The Jock jacket

An American football jacket is one of the most recognisable symbols of the tomboy fashion. Often called a letterman jacket, or a jock jacket, these are made from a thick cotton with a number stitched on and supportive of a particular team, area, city or sometimes a movement. Inherently, it’s sporty and is usually worn by the members of a college team. However, there are female version with less padding, a less boxy design and tighter fitting. There are countless combinations you can have, but one of the mainstays is a cream colour. Black and cream, with a coloured symbol of logo of some kind gives both form and creativity an equal platform. Substitute the cream for a lighter colour regardless, the point it to offset a dark colour with a brighter opposite.


The jock jacket looks great with slim jeans. Skinny jeans are slightly going too far, as again a tomboy inherently doesn’t worry too much about how feminine she looks. However, you don’t want to wear dad or builder jeans either. The classic light blue denim is great, maybe a few rips in the jeans on the thighs and knee area too would be rough and tumble. You can wear the jacket with the sleeves down, or slightly short at the wrists. On the other hand, pull the sleeves halfway up your arm, up to your elbow perhaps. Rolling them up would be on the far side of the tomboy style, a little too masculine for some, but pulling them up so you have a cluttered elbow and upper arm is enough.


A wild side

Every tomboy should incorporate a little bit of her wild side into her fashion. That’s the whole point of a tomboy isn’t it!? For this you must look toward accessories that fit your personality. Part of the tomboy style is wearing a tshirt without a bra or a thin bra with no supportive material. In this regard a nipple piercing such as a nipple shield is a sneaky sexy addition. The shield protect the areola, not exposing the shape and covering it up instead. These have become quite popular in other styles also as they’re the classier option when it comes to this kind of piercing. The weight is also distributed widely so there’s less pressure exerted on the nipple. Hence, less likely to be spotted underneath clothing. On the other hand, a tongue piercing is perhaps one of the most poignant piercings of the tomboy style. It’s only visible when you say certain words that show your tongue more, so again it’s subtle yet sexy.


One of the things that streetwear stole from the tomboy look, especially for women is the cap. Seems like not a big deal, but the original tomboy style made the cap for women popular and showed that this kind of hat could be worn just as well as a summer beach hat or french beret. Wearing the cap backwards is the stereotypical image of modern streetwear, so to keep true to how the tomboys in the 90s wore it, wear it low and straight, curving the brim a little.


The tomboy style has recently gone through a noticeable transformation. If you keep up with celebrity fashion, many famous women aren’t just wearing hoodies but bomber and jock jackets, along with swapping sneakers for boots. At the very least, the chic tennis sneaker is being somewhat replaced by converse sneaker, that is thicker and larger. Joggers are and always have been tomboy, no matter how hard streetwear tries to make them it’s own.