Updating Your Wardrobe For Autumn.

Autumn Wardrobe Update

Fancy giving your wardrobe an Autumnal refresh?

I'm the worst for getting bored of my clothes and lusting after new bits and pieces for my wardrobe. Whilst I'm not the biggest fashion frenzy out there, and have quite a simplistic style, I love new clothes just as much as the next girl! As soon as we got near to the end of August, I started the search for the perfect pair of chelsea boots for this Autumn & Winter and I didn't realise I'd got so fussy?! I actually took back a pair of £90 boots to Office after not being 100% on them, as that is a lot of money for me to spend on shoes... I don't usually go past the £50 mark. I ended up buying two pairs of boots from Topshop for the same price, so in the end I got a better deal and I'm far happier with the two pairs I bought! I basically live in my vans until the colder months come round and then I mix it up with boots so I'm quite happy having a couple of different pairs to change it up a bit more.


As for the rest of my style, this year I'm really trying to wear more things. Last year, you would pretty much find me in a pair of skinny jeans or black leggings with a knit jumper, every single day, and this year I'm eager to break that habit. Over Summer I started to wear more things outside of my comfort zone and I found a love for things I rarely ever wore before, I'm hoping I can do the same this winter. I'm on the hunt for some pretty skirts and pinafore dresses as they look so cute paired with thick tights and boots! Autumn is my favourite season in terms of fashion, because it's the period where you can wear jumpers and layer things up with scarves and jackets, without having to completely cover yourself up like you do in Winter when you're freezing your tits off. So, to get things moving with this post, I've put together a little boutique of some of my favourite picks from a few of my fave places to shop. Hope you enjoy having a browse and let me know if you see anything you fancy!