What Does It Take to Feel Truly Confident In Your Own Skin?

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As women, we have so much pressure on us to look a certain way. Beauty magazines, the media, social media websites and more are forever portraying an image that we know is unrealistic- but which makes us feel rubbish anyway. Even the average Instagram user will admit to retouching their pictures, with apps like Facetune making this easier than ever. For this reason, it can be difficult to really feel confident in your own skin, it’s easy to compare and feel like we’re not quite good enough. But it’s important that these negative thoughts and feelings are put to rest- there’s nothing more empowering and freeing than accepting and loving yourself, and there are ways you can go about achieving this. Here are some ideas.


Live a healthy lifestyle

When your body is at its best, you’ll naturally feel good about yourself. Not only do the right foods and enough exercise give you a serotonin boost and regulate hormones (which can affect mood), but you’ll also look your best too. It’s not about extreme dieting and working out until you feel ready to pass out. It’s not about aiming to get to a certain number on the scale or a certain dress size. If you live healthily, exercising regularly and eating the right foods, your hair, skin and nails will all benefit. Your physique will improve and you’ll look better in your clothes. You’ll get a natural boost of energy and notice a better mood– healthy living is good for all elements of your life. Better appearance and confidence are just a bonus!


Accept what you can’t change, change what you can

It’s easy to advise people to love themselves regardless. However, if you have a personal hang up it might have caused you problems your whole life. Whether it’s your crooked teeth or your large nose, you might have been bullied due to it and chances are it’s affected your confidence for a long time. So learning to accept and love it might not be an option. If a procedure will make you feel better, don’t feel bad about going for it- it’s something that could improve your life. Whether it’s breast enlargement at The Belvedere Clinic, body sculpting, a face lift or something else entirely, it’s your body and life so it’s your say. With that in mind however, we all need to be realistic. No surgery is going to make you taller or shorter, it’s not going to make you look just like your favourite celebrity. Be aware of what can and can’t be done, accept what can’t be changed, and change what can be if it’s causing you distress.


Pamper yourself regularly

Sometimes we can fall into a bit of a rut with our appearance. We go for months without going to the hairdresser, we stop sticking to a skincare routine or fall into a rut with the hairstyles, clothes and makeup we use. Sometimes, a simple trip to the hairdresser or the salon can be all you need to get a confidence boost. Buy some new clothes, practice a new hairstyle or makeup technique. Chances are it will improve your confidence and make you feel good about yourself again.