Cosy Autumn Evening Picks.

Cosy Autumn Evenings

Cosy Autumn evening treats...

You guys knowwwww by now how much I adore a cosy hot bubble bath. My instagram is full of all the bath pics lately, but I couldn't resist sharing my current Autumn evening favourites with you all. I love a good bath all year round but there's definitely something extra cosy about them when the cold weather and darker evenings hit. I'm all about the scent, hydration and exfoliation lately, as my skin gets drier the closer we creep towards winter - so here's a few essentials I think every girl needs in her bathroom...

Cosy Autumn Evenings
Cosy Autumn Evenings

Lush Magic Crystals Shower Scrub

First of all, can we just talk about the colour of the Magic Crystals Shower Scrub from Lush? It's bright purple and it's such a treat to cover yourself in. The scent is extremely intense so if you don't like that sort of thing then best to avoid this. It's minty as hell, if you love the smell of toothpaste then you will be obsessed. I am such a massive fan, not only does it leave my skin extremely exfoliated and as soft as a little baby bum, but it literally feels like you've just brushed your teeth, but all over your body. You know that minty fresh feeling you have in your mouth after brushing your teeth? That's exactly how this makes you feel wherever you apply it. I love adding this to my evening routine but it's also amazing to use first thing on a morning in the shower, so so refreshing! My skin has been so dry lately so I'm living for this stuff.


Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

I've been obsessed with the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar from Lush for years. It's by far the messiest product they sell but it's oh so worth it. I wish it was sold all year round because sometimes you just need a whole 'lotta glitter in your life don't you? I just adore the scent and the colour it makes my bath, and I always come out smelling and feeling so fresh. One of the best Autumn treats for October!


Fresh Rose Face Mask

I'm quite literally addicted to the Fresh Rose Face Mask at the moment, if you love to wake up with plump, supple skin then this is the one. You're only supposed to leave this on for 5-10 minutes but my favourite way to use it is to put it on after or during my bath and just leave it on all night, it melts into my skin and soaks it all up. No rinsing necessary. I wake up with such lovely hydrated, glowing skin that it makes it completely addictive. I'm starting to run low, I'm using it that much, it's heavenly! If you get dehydrated skin during the colder months then you absolutely need this.

Cosy Autumn Evenings
Cosy Autumn Evenings

Lush Ectoplasm Shower Cream

The Ectoplasm Shower Cream from Lush is amazing if you love citrus-y scents like I do, the tangerine and grapefruit oils really make this product. It's so strong and I'm obsessed with the way my skin smells after using it. I use it in the bath and let it soak on my skin and it's one of those shower creams that just leaves you feeling so refreshed and with the most incredible scent. I would highly recommend giving this a whirl before it's no longer available! Heaven!


Antipodes Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator

Another exfoliating product I swear by at the moment is the Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator from Antipodes. It's extremely gentle on the skin so it's perfect for those with sensitive skin, and it gently lifts away dry or rough patches on your face leaving it looking and feeling so fresh and supple. It has quite a subtle scent, but gorgeous nonetheless and it's just a real treat to use on an evening after cleansing. There's nothing worse than trying to apply makeup to rough, dry skin in the morning so I use this most evenings and I wake up with the perfect base.


What are your current Autumn evening favourites?


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