Selling Your Property? Simple Things You Can Do.

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If your home has recently been put on the market, or you are thinking about going down this route, it is important you present your home in a manner that impresses anyone that views it. This is known as ‘home staging.’ Not everyone has the budget to invest in the likes of new kitchens and bathroom remodels but this does not mean you cannot enhance the way your property is presented. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some suggestions…


How do you find inspiration for staging your home?

Home staging is no longer a new phenomenon! Experts all over the country use this tactic. Not only does it make homes sell quicker, but also you can expect to sell your property for a higher price. But, if you do not employ a professional home stager, where do you get your inspiration?

The Internet is your easiest tool. You can search online for images of home staged properties. These will help you to emulate the same feel in your home. Websites such as Pinterest are great, as you will easily have access to an abundance of different images. Don’t try and copy any image you find. Your home will be unique and have its own vibe. Yet, you can find some great DIY projects online and you can use these pictures for inspiration, i.e. to help with layout and to assist you with determining what features to keep in sight and which to keep out of sight.

One of the best things to do is to visit a showroom. This is how you want your home to appear. Take a look around and you will get a feel for how your home should be set out. Moreover, you experience what it is like to walk around a home from the viewer’s perspective. You can then apply this approach when staging your own home. Ask yourself – would you see this in a showroom? If not, get rid!


Top tips on staging with colour to help sell your home

Painting your home is one of the best and most affordable ways of staging your home to ensure a quicker sale. But you need to choose your colours with care. Red may be your favourite colour, but are your viewers going to want a home painted in this shade?

Neutral colours are always recommended. They appeal to all and create a refreshing feel in the home. This does not mean you should paint every single room the same colour, nor does it mean you have to stick to white or magnolia!

Stay within the same colour palette but don’t be afraid to go for different shades. Colours you may wish to consider include the likes to barley, Carrington beige, shaker beige, providence olive, stone house, and Monroe bisque.

Not only will these colours update your home, but also they will make it more relaxing and it will appear light, clean and organised. Such colours also help to make the room look more expansive.

When refreshing your home with paint, don’t ignore the outside space either. First impressions are everything and a fresh lick of paint can certainly make a great one. Colours you should consider include dinner party red, Tate olive and Yorktowne green.


Great ideas for using smell to help your home sell

Smell can be a powerful tool when you are selling your home. Get it right, and you can create a homely and welcoming feel. Get it wrong, and the buyers will spend the entire time distracted by the horrible odour!

The key is to keep it simple when choosing scents for your home and don’t go overboard. The scent must be subtle, not overpowering – like vanilla, lemon, cedar, pine, basil or orange. These are pleasant yet non-distractive, making them conducive to spending.

A great way to keep the scents subtle is to use organic and natural elements. This is also advisable because you guarantee that you won’t come into any trouble if your viewer is allergic or sensitive to synthetic commercial products. The last thing you want is for your buyer to spend the entire time sneezing!

You should also make sure the scent is one that is in harmony with your home and the location of it. If your property is near the beach pine will be somewhat contradictory.

A lot of homeowners think it is a good the idea to bake goods, such as cookies, in order to make their place appear and smell more homely. You will get your viewers’ bellies rumbling instead of their attention focused on your home! You should also stay away from potpourri. It is out-dated and most people find it unpleasant.


Six great staging tips for your bathroom!

The poor bathroom…a room that so often gets overlooked! Yet, it needs attention if you want to sell your home! After all, the bathroom can easily look grubby if it gets no TLC. So, let’s take a look at some top bathroom staging tips…


  •   Scour your shower door – You do not need to replace your shower door, but you do need to scour it. An effective way to do this is to clean with a mixture of ten parts water and one part muriatic acid.
  •   Fresh towels – It is always a good idea to put out fresh towels before any home viewing.
  •   Ditch the bathroom tiles – Tiles are out-dated. You may think getting rid of your bathroom tiles is a costly procedure. But, there is a low-cost and effective solution…paint!
  •   Get rid of surface mould – There is nothing more off-putting than a grimy bathroom wall. Mix one part bleach with one part water and spray on the area in question.
  •   Organise your toiletries and other essential items – An open bottle of toothpaste on the sink never looks good.
  •   Pedestal sinks – If you really want to give your bathroom the wow factor you should consider investing in a pedestal sink. These are a massive hit with buyers and they show off square footage in the room beautifully.


So there you have it; from the bathroom to the colours you use, some great tips to help you make your home more appealing before it goes on the market. Good luck!