Three From Alpha-H.


Three From Alpha-H

Three picks from Alpha-H!

The Cult Beauty brand of the month this month is Alpha-H and today I'm sharing three picks that I adore from the range. Alpha-H is a brand that I don't own a huge amount of products from, however I've come across them in beauty boxes and tried out plenty of miniatures in the past so I have a good idea of what their products are like. The liquid gold is a staple in my skincare collection and I've recently gained two new gems that have also quickly become go-to products - so without further rambling, here's my thoughts on this trio...

Alpha-H Liquid Gold 

As mentioned above, the Liquid Gold is one of my holy grail skincare products. I first started using this when I was suffering with really bad acne and it was one of the products that saved my skin. It's amazing at diminishing acne scars and redness from blemishes, you couldn't even tell I had suffered horrendous acne a few weeks after adding this to my routine. When my acne started clearing up, I was still left with horrible red and blotchy skin and this stuff completely saved it. I usually use it in replacement of a toner before moisturising, but it works even better if you apply it without any other products and leave it to soak in all night! It gradually reduces the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, blackheads, blemishes, scarring and redness so if any of those are problem areas for you then I would highly recommend investing in this product to see if it works for you. If you have sensitive skin I would probably advise you to limit how much you use this to a few times a week, I avoid using it every day just because it can sometimes cause a burning sensation and be a bit dehydrating if I overuse it. It is a really strong product but I wouldn't let this put you off trying it out, I guess it has to be to work the wonders that it does - the benefits are amazing!

Three From Alpha-H

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream

New to my collection is the Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream which I've only been using for a short while but I've already noticed such an incredible difference. This little gem has already reduced the puffiness and fine lines around my eyes that formed whilst I've been ill with the flu! It gently exfoliates the eye area whilst brightening it up and masking dark shadows. I've had super dry eye lids lately too, so I've been applying it all around my eye area and it's so hydrating. They've gone from being dry and flakey to soft and supple, and they feel amazing! I'm so impressed. This is a bit of an investment for an eye cream but the results are insane.


Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

Another incredible new product in my stash is the Beauty Sleep Power Peel which again, I've already seen incredible results from. Is there any product from Alpha-H that doesn't disappoint? The Power Peel is a cocktail of 15% glycolic acid and 0..5% retinol which works to dissolve dead cells and leave your skin plump and glowing by sunrise. It also encourages regeneration of the skin which gradually reduces the visibility of scars. I have used this twice so far and the results have shown it does everything it says on the tin, I apply it in the evenings after cleansing and my skin looks incredible in the morning!

If you have problematic skin or want amazing results then Alpha-H is 100% a brand worth investing in, I haven't used a single product that's disappointed. Cult Beauty are offering free shipping for the rest of the month on all Alpha-H products so if you fancy treating yourself then now is the time to do so!


Have you tried anything from Alpha-H?



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