Three Seasonal Lip Picks.

Three Autumn Lipstick Faves

Three lipstick choices for the season...

Autumn is by far my favourite season when it comes to absolutely everything. From the cosy knits and the hot chocolates covered in marshmallows, to the beautiful crisp orange leaves that cover the ground and the cooler air. I crave the deeper lip picks all year round but they just don't seem to fit quite right until Autumn hits so you will rarely find me wearing a nude during the colder months. Today I'm sharing my three go-to lip picks for the season, so if you're on the look out for a new shade to add to your stash - get your purse ready!

Charlotte Tilbury: Stoned Rose

We'll start off with my absolute favourite lipsticks at the moment, which is from the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G range in the shade Stoned Rose. Charlotte Tilbs lippies are my all time favourites because she just kills it with every single shade and formula she brings out. They never, ever disappoint and I mean, who can resist that dreamy rose gold packaging? Am I right or am I right? Stoned Rose is the newest addition to my ever-growing collection and I've fallen in love with it already, it's just the most perfect rose shade in the most perfect lustre finish, creamy formula. It's so pigmented and it applies like a dreamboat (like allllll Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks obvs) and it's quickly become my go-to everyday Autumn pick when I'm getting ready on a morning. I've already had so many messages on Instagram from those who I've inspired to pick up this shade and I can promise you, they didn't regret it and neither will you. It's such a lush colour and you can just tell it will compliment so many different skin tones amazingly. I'm kicking myself for not purchasing it sooner - having said that I have ended up getting it for the most fitting season so all is not lost, don't cha worry!

Three Autumn Lipstick Faves

MAC: Chili

MAC Chili is a shade that I picked up a while back now but is still probably my favourite red overall in my lipstick stash. It's that perfect in between red that isn't too warm, nor too cool. It's just right for what I want in a red lip. It's matte but not very drying at all, and it lasts so well throughout the day even whilst eating and drinking! I love it because one of my favourite looks is a bold red lip, but I find most reds are either too subtle or too over the top you know? This one just looks good with everything and seems to fit the bill for the colour that I want. It makes my teeth look so white too which is always a bonus. There's nothing worse than feeling yourself in a red lipstick only to find out it makes your teeth look disgusting when you smile... Thankfully this one does the opposite, just another reason to add to the long list of why I'm obsessed!

MAC: Twig

MAC Twig is a shade I picked up on a whim forever ago now, or it feels like it. It probably wasn't that long ago let's be honest. I was looking for a muted berry lip and this one just ticked all of the boxes. I always liked MAC Rebel for the Autumn months, but it was a bit too purple for my liking so I feel like this one is much more suited to my style, and it's far more wearable on a daily basis. It has a satin finish so whilst it's fairly long lasting, it doesn't usually survive through eating, but that's a given really isn't it with a non-matte? It's super comfortable to wear, so I'm a huge fan as someone who suffers with incredibly dehydrated lips. If you're looking for the perfect berry lip for the A/W months then I definitely recommend checking out MAC Twig as it's a babe.

Three Autumn Lipstick Faves
Three Autumn Lipstick Faves
Three Autumn Lipstick Faves

So those are the three seasonal lipsticks I have on rotation at the moment, I'm sure I'll soon become addicted to an additional shade like always. I think I have a bigger obsession with lipsticks than I do eyeshadows lately which is really saying something for me...


Let me know what your favourite Autumn lipstick choice is below 🙂