Two Years Of Reuben Oliver.

Reuben Turns Two

Happy second birthday sweet baby boy.

Two years of you, Reuben Oliver. Two years of us two against the world, two years of adventures, two years of loving you, oh so much. Whilst I cry inside every time I think about how fast the baby days are behind us, I can't believe what a gorgeous, loving little boy you are growing up to be. You will always be my baby. Today is all about you and the pure joy you bring me every single day.


You really have to cherish your children and treasure every moment because jeez does time go fast. Toddlers are honestly my favourite though. Every age and milestone that he reaches, I think "oh this is my favourite so far" so I'm guessing that will continue as he gets older, but seriously. You have no idea how much his little personality lights up my day. I can barely stay cross with him for five minutes because it's impossible. He's funny, he's caring, he's so so loving, he's sweet, he's everything. I could sit and type all day about how amazing he is, so for now I will leave you with a little two year catch up...

Reuben Turns Two
Reuben Turns Two

The Talking

Within the last month, Ru has started to really talk. I feel like I've been waiting forever for him to talk, I know kids all take everything at their own pace but Ru has really left us waiting with the whole talking thing. We only have a few words here and there so far but he now super clearly says “hiya” every time he greets someone, walks in a room or looks at someone. It’s his most used and favourite word. He also shouts “help” a lot which sounds more like a “hen” but he says it when distressed like if he’s got stuck or can’t climb up onto something. He also uses it if he wants putting in his highchair or if he can’t open his toy box, just little things like that, so funny. It’s actually pretty lovely that he knows exactly what it means though as he can communicate when he wants us to help him with things he can't do, which is obviously a lot at his age. Another word he’s just learnt is “yeah” or sometimes it’s “yep” or "yaaah" (which sounds american) - he didn’t 100% have the gist of it at first but now he also shakes his head to say no to some things so I feel that he’s getting a better understanding between the two. His little “yep!” is the cutest! He’s started answering some questions like “what do you want for dinner?” with “ermmmmm” which is so funny. I don’t know if he actually knows what it means or he just says it because he can’t answer the question hahaha. Other than that he’s still learning new words but he still baby babbles a lot of the time, if he’s pretending to be on the phone he will quite literally come out with “hiya gleeguga ga ya goga” or yano, something similar, just making up his own language which is super cute. We also have a "yay!" when he gets told we're going out or it's dinner time, you know, the important stuff to a kid. Writing this down he actually says far more than I thought which is amazing, I can't wait for him to start stringing proper sentences together!


The Communication

He can understand almost everything you say despite not knowing how to say a whole lot of words yet. He gets so excited and goes and gets my car keys out of my bag if I say “let’s go in the car” and he runs to the kitchen when I say it’s dins dins or breakfast time. He always says “yeah!” If I ask him if he wants some juice. He knows exactly who grandad, grandma, and his aunties are. I think he's beginning to know his uncles names too, since we moved back into my parents he's really formed a much closer bond with them both which is so sweet. And obviously mummy, or mama as he likes to say. One of my favourite things that he does is grabs my hand and insists that he takes me to places. Just last night, I was sat writing this post and he got upset with me for not taking his hand and going where he wanted me to go, so eventually I gave in and took his hand, he took me all the way downstairs and pointed at the fridge. I opened it and said "what do you want?" and he put his finger on his mouth and went "hmmmm" - I mean I'm amazed at how clever he is for letting me know exactly what he wants (food obvs) but also it was absolutely hilarious at the same time. He can't tell me that he's hungry yet so he uses his initiative and guides me to the fridge instead? What an intelligent little boy!


The Laughs

I honestly can’t tell you how much he cracks me up every single day, his personality these days is just the best ever. I know toddlers all do silly things but honestly Ru is just hilarious. It’s hard to explain exactly why or what he does as it’s just the little things in the everyday. If you have a toddler you will know exactly where I'm coming from when I say that. One example is, I once started singing to him and he does this really cute fake snore when he’s pretending to sleep and he started doing it the second I started singing. So funny. He’s been caught in the kitchen with chocolate biscuit crumbs all round his mouth too, which I found too funny, I never expected him to be so cheeky! He loves going in my mums room at night and taking all his toy cars to use her legs as a ramp - cute but hilarious. He makes an "eww" sound whenever I change his nappy, he even does it when he farts lol!! I started off making the noise as a joke to make him laugh but now he does it at every single nappy change, even when it's not a dirty one haha! Honestly, they just soak up everything at this age and he imitates everything you do, and that's what's the funniest part. Just seeing him trying to do things adults do, even small tasks like sweeping the kitchen, he'll try and do it properly just like a grown up and it's just the cutest thing ever but it makes us all laugh. He honestly just lights up the room with every little thing he does.


Reuben Turns Two
Reuben Turns Two

The Independence 

He started climbing out of his cot ages ago so a couple of weeks ago I finally got rid of it, it was covered in teeth marks anyway so needed to be gone! We’re living at my parents at the moment as we haven’t found a house since our landlord kicked us out so as space is limited, he’s sharing a bed with me and it’s working really well. He stays in it when I’m firm with him and he sleeps like a dream all night, as well as goes for his naps on it without climbing out and messing. If I tell him firmly he’s going “night nights” then he gets curled up with his blanket and settles down to sleep. I can’t complain at all can I? So well behaved! Most of the time. He also feeds himself all his meals now, I still fed him for a long time as he struggled to keep food on his fork but he’s pretty much mastered it now, despite the mess. He’s really come along with so much over the last few months, it makes me so proud to see what a beautiful independent little soul he's become.


Terrible Twos

Whilst I do spend 95% of my time praising him for being such a good little boy, don’t be fooled as he still has the terrible twos in him. Some days he can be SO naughty and so testing but I try not to complain about it because it really is so minimal compared to his good behaviour and sometimes they just like attention don’t they? It’s only natural at his age. Just remind me I said this at the time as I sometimes lose my rag like any other normal parent... this boy sure knows how to have a tantrum when he doesn't get his own way.


The Car Obsession

I think I probably mentioned this in his last update but he is still absolutely obsessed with cars. He’s gone from the big bulky ones to the smaller ones you can race around now, he has tons of them and little diggers and things too. They’re all he plays with! I also bought him a ride on car for his birthday, he had a crap plastic one from Tesco that broke but I got him a better one from Amazon that was only about £20, so an absolute bargain. He just rides it round the house everyday, he loves it so much. The best £20 I've ever spent. We're actually having a retro car theme for his birthday party today too, I can't wait for you all to see his cake!

Reuben Turns Two

The Love

I don’t know what I did to raise such an affectionate little boy but he is so incredible loving. He is the sweetest little thing ever, unless he's in a grump, and it’s not just me he runs up to giving me kisses and cuddles - but he does it to his grandad, his grandma, both his aunties and both his uncles! He has the biggest heart ever and if you can imagine how much I already love him, it makes me love him ten times more as he is just so gorgeous. I can already tell he's going to grow up into such a caring little soul and I couldn't be more proud.


Hopefully that sums up my little two year old. It's amazing how much he does at this age, I feel like there's so much to think about, never mind document in this post! I'm so excited for him to start talking properly and being able to say things like "love you mummy" - he already shows me his love in so many different ways and that will just be the icing on the cake.


Happy Birthday my sweet Ru bear x