Preparing For A Stress-Free Christmas.

Preparing For A Stress-Free Christmas

Are you ready for the festive period?

I'm sure we all know by now how stressful Christmas can be, as well as the lead up to it. There's a few things I've learned over the years that help to ease some of the stress, things in particular that I've picked up since becoming a mama and having more to think about. Today I thought I'd share a few of those tips, as well as share some of the products I've added to my cupboard this year to give me a helping hand...

Create lots of lists...

To some of you, this may be a no brainer, but I can't cope with stress unless I create a list. I have hundreds at this time of year. What presents to buy for who ~ what budgets I've got ~ what to put in Reuben's Christmas Eve Box ~ what presents I've bought him so I can keep track of what he's got so far ~ what food to buy ~ what Christmas blog props to get... anything that needs ticking off as I go, or anything I need to keep track of - goes on a list on my phone! It makes things SO much easier honestly, and it really eases off the pressure to remember everything that needs to be done or bought. You don't have to do these on your phone either, I generally prefer to as I don't go anywhere without my phone so it's super handy to have my lists on me at all times. Not only that, but also they sync over to my MacBook and iPad so I find it incredibly helpful to just be able to access them on any of my gadgets! I do often feel like having a physical list though, it can just be nice to go and use good old fashioned pen and paper sometimes can't it? Especially if you have a cute little notebook on your desk like I do. However I do it, I always, alwayssss have lots and lots of lists and couldn't be without them, as despite the stress, my memory is like a goldfish at the best of times!

Preparing For A Stress-Free Christmas

Don't leave anything last minute...

It's so easy to leave things last minute when you're stressed or have a lot to think about, but it's the worst thing you can do. I started my Christmas shopping weeks ago which gives me plenty of time to make sure I can get everything I need with plenty of time to spare. I haven't got everything yet, but the main reason for that is because I'm hanging around for Black Friday to grab myself a few bargains like you do - don't worry though, I have a list of what I'm aiming to buy to make it easier!

Preparing For A Stress-Free Christmas


Cleaning isn't the first thing that springs to mind when I think about preparing for Christmas but it's definitely something that needs to be remembered - especially with little ones. The mess never really stops does it? From all the wrapping paper and bits of plastic and whatnot from opening all of their toys, to the melted chocolate, biscuit crumbs, gravy spillages... but that's where AO have come in to help me out this year. The first product that I've picked is the Miele Blizzard Jubilee Vacuum Cleaner which I can honestly say I'm loving so far. It's perfect for those with kids as it's so powerful and picks up everything. One of my favourite features is the fact that it has different power settings, something I've never had in any of my previous hoovers. It's incredibly handy for hoovering things like bedding or throws on a lower setting without sucking the actual material up, but then you can also put it on a higher setting when going over carpets and rugs where you really want to get in the fibres and suck all the crap out. Whilst it isn't cordless (which I know everyone loves these days) it's a lot more sturdy and has an automatic cord rewind feature which is amazing! No more of that faffing about with the wire, just hold a button down and it's done for you. Love it.

It comes with five heads in total, so there's something for every situation from cleaning hardwood flooring and carpets to cars. You name it, it has it. One of the floorheads is specially designed to gently clean and protect hardwood floors so if you worry about scratching your perfect wooden flooring then this would be perfect for you! It has a self-cleaning filter as well as bagless cleaning so it's super handy for busy mama's like me who just never get round to that sort of thing. It's also been tested for the equivalent of 20 years use, so whilst it's a little bit of an investment, you definitely get your moneys worth. Overall I think it's incredible value for money and is also one of the nicer looking hoovers I've seen, I feel so fancy hoovering my house with this little number. It's been amazing for clearing up every last bit of fake snow and confetti from my Christmas gift guide photography so far this year - winner.


Another household essential I've been using is the Russell Hobs Steam Mop which I keep in the kitchen. Eating times are my least favourite with a toddler, sometimes he's well behaved but others you will just find sticky bits of food absolutely everywhere and there's nothing worse than walking over a disgusting kitchen floor. For £35 this steam mop is pretty dandy and I love filling it up with water and a bit of zoflora, it steam cleans the floor so that there's no more sticky residue whilst leaving it feeling and smelling super fresh. I can't recommend one of these enough, it's definitely a step up from my boring spray mop!


Preparing For A Stress-Free Christmas
Preparing For A Stress-Free Christmas

Sit back and relax a little...

My last tip for a stress-free Christmas would have to be just to relax a little bit. I feel like most of us spend weeks stressing about every little thing which I know sometimes can't be helped, but the real magic of Christmas is spending time with your family and enjoying some much needed time off. Gifts are great but they aren't what you remember about this time of year - the memories are held within who you spend time with and the laughs that you have together. Christmas dinner will be fine however you make it, if you wanna go all fancy then that's totally cool but at the end of the day it's just a meal and it's eaten within two minutes! Just try not to stress about anything and focus on enjoying that precious family time.


What's your top tip for trying to relax a little at this time of year?


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