Tips For Self-Care During Winter.

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As the colder months hit us, many of us will seek the comfort of our homes than brave the elements for after work drinks on a Friday evening. Winter is also a season where life for many of us can get tough. The lack of sunshine can leave us feeling rotten and the dark mornings and evenings make it seem like all the days just roll into one. This is where a bit of self-care can go a long way and can make you feel like you again.


Take A Long, Hot Bath Or Shower

Bathing in a bubble bath or lathering your body in lotions and potions in the shower can leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling, melting all the stress of the day away. Indulge yourself in some bath and shower oils to really take it to the next level and don’t forget to take in with you a beverage of your choice. A glass of wine perhaps or a hot chocolate with whipped cream and a mountain of marshmallows.


Put On A Trashy TV Show Or Film

Escaping to another narrative can sometimes be needed in life, and that’s where trashy tv can serve you well. From going through a divorce involving family solicitors to arguing with a friend, life can be difficult sometimes. Take your mind off it all by sticking on your favourite TV show that’s a guilty pleasure or watch a classic film that always makes you happy.


Treat Yourself

Whether it’s a cup of coffee from Starbucks instead of your usual work filter coffee or splurging out on a new handbag that’s been on your wishlist since like, forever – do it! It’s important to live in the moment, and these small (or big) treats can give you a fresh perspective. You work hard in life so don’t deny yourself a cheeky treat every now and again.


Just Say No

Sometimes we don’t want to do dinner with friends, or we don’t feel like doing extra unpaid work for your boss, and you know what? You have every right to turn around and say no thanks, I need to go, or no I think I’m busy that night. We need to recognise and listen to our body and mind more often. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. We do tend to try hard in life to impress other people, and there’s also this pressure right in your education and work to be the best you can be. But there are moments where you need to just say no.


Reflect On The Positives

There may be tough times but life always has a funny way of turning around, and it’s nice to reflect on what you already have in your life. Reflecting on what makes you happy is a great way of giving yourself some self-care.


Just like the seasons, the tough parts in life are only temporary. Look after yourself and make time for the stuff that matters.