7 Decor Health Trends You Want To Try In 2019.

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The time for your new year’s resolutions has almost come. If you’re in the process of considering home improvements for the year to come, make your resolutions all about creating a trendy decor that fits with the current needs of the modern homeowners. Indeed, the days when a decor existed solely to bring style into the home are long gone.

The time is now for thoughtful decorative choices that fulfil multiple purposes. Your decor is not only about how it looks, but also about how it makes you feel. The buzzword for 2019 is health, and your decor is all about managing, improving, supporting, respecting and empowering your health. Admittedly, this shouldn’t stop you from taking health-focused resolutions about your fitness routines or your diet, but next year, you get a new alternative to push your health further. Your home will become instrumental in fostering your physical and mental health. Here are 7 trends you want to keep an eye on for 2019.



Natural insulating materials

By 2050, the UK will need to insulate 25 million homes that will not meet any of the necessary requirements. British homes already suffer from a terrible reputation in comparison to our European neighbours. The typical British household tends to lose heat and accumulate dampness and moisture in winter. Mould patches are a recurring occurrence in old British homes, while they are less frequent on the continent. The main reason for this disparity in comfort lies with the insulation system. Natural insulation materials are becoming more and more popular over the country, and they can also be a significant part of your decor. Indeed, the use of external cladding can give your home a new feel and touch and reduce the risk of heat loss in winter. In fact, you can find that cladding can not only be 100% ecological, but the use of the traditional Japanese method of architecture also creates unique homes. A warmer home that looks good, what’s not to like?


A brightly coloured sofa

Seasonal affective disorders tend to be more frequent in winter, when the natural sunlight is low. However, doctors have also recorded SAD cases in spring. At its core, SAD is a type of depression, which can be mild or severe, and affects your mood, your appetite, your cognitive abilities and your relationships. Typically, the lack of vitamin D – which is directly linked to sunlight exposure – can trigger SAD. But, many individuals note that the absence of colours in their surroundings plays a significant role in dragging their mood down. When you think about it, winter means grey ski, rain, and nights. If your interior decor is designed around neutral monochromatic layouts, you can struggle to find a happy visual indoors. That’s precisely why you need to break the pattern with a vibrant pop of colour. There’s nothing like a fun seating area to make you smile again. Lime green sofas are especially popular in modern decors as they add a boost of energy and excitement to the living room. You can also opt for a rich orange shade, or a bright pink couch, if lime isn’t for you. Another great choice to bring joy to the living room is to paint your chairs in energetic tones.


Seamless kitchen cabinets everywhere

Most kitchens tend to be too small and too crowded. When a typical homemade recipe requires a combination of pans, an oven and sometimes even a hand mixer, it’s easy to understand why our kitchens seem to be shrinking. The minimalist trend doesn’t work in the kitchen area, as you can’t get rid of your utensils for the sake of a clean decor. However, you can take a look at seamless kitchen cabinets that transform your walls into a storage area. While it might be tricky to get used to putting everything away once you’re done cooking, you’ll appreciate the relaxing feeling of a spacious and decluttered kitchen.


Bold walls that breathe a new identity

The pastel shades and grey tones that revolutionised your walls at home with a grownup touch have made room to natural and eclectic elegance. The 2019 trends focus on a mix of nature-inspired colours. A dark green can transport you right in the middle of the jungle, and inject some happiness into a tired decor. Your brain also interprets the colour as a sign of joy and relaxation. Parma and ochre shades also bring energy and emotional stability to a room.


It’s time to start an urban garden

It’s time to love your greens: not your vegetables, but your plants. Numerous studies have proven the importance of houseplants to purify your indoor air and lift your mood. The garden trends for 2019 have finally embraced the movement, making your indoor garden a decor priority. For anyone who lives in a flat or has only a small outdoor patio, here’s the chance to create a quirky decor with your favourite plants. Dramatic foliage is a big trend in the lounge!