Christmas Gifts With Toblerone. #AD


Christmas Gifts With Toblerone

Is it even Christmas without a Toblerone filled feast?

Toblerone makes its way into my household every Christmas without fail, I can't remember a year without it actually. It's a family favourite around here, and this year is no exception. Every Christmas, Toblerone bring out a selection of their festive treats, perfect for under the tree, and this year they've gone even bigger and better. To say they already have such a wide range of chocolate to offer, it's now better than ever! They have launched two new products as part of their Christmas gifting range, and as always, they have something to suit every budget.


Toblerone is a swiss speciality chocolate that originates from the chocolatier's family name "Tobler" combined with "torrone" - the italian word for nougat. It's famous for it's unique shape and the striking, recognisable branding. It was originally made as a milk chocolate bar with nougat pieces, made out of sugar, almonds and honey. Toblerone has been around for over 100 years, they celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2008. Since it was first released, the famous bars have extended their selection to include a variety of dark chocolate, white chocolate and even a fruit and nut version too!

Toblerone 750g Gifting Bar

The Toblerone 750g bar is an abundance of chocolatey goodness, it's the ultimate mountain of chocolate and crispy nougat pieces. This one is perfect for gifting to friends and family, especially if you're on a budget. It comes in at only £9.99 yet makes a lovely (and large!) festive chocolate-y gift. And who doesn't love receiving yummy treats at Christmas time? They're the best kind of gift, right?! This immense bar would also be ideal to have in the house for a get together over the holiday period, as there's plenty for everyone to tuck into in front of a roaring fire and some classic Christmas films. If there's some left over, you can also melt it down for some festive baking fun with the whole family! We did this at Christmas one year and made lots of delicious Toblerone treats. This merry treat would also come in perfectly for a Secret Santa gift, I know from personal experience that sometimes you can really struggle with Secret Santa, particularly when there's a set budget and if you get someone you don't know all that well. But, let's face it - you can't go wrong with a massive bar of choc can you, and at only £9.99 it's sure to be within the allocated budget!

Christmas Gifts With Toblerone

Toblerone Gifting Pack

The Toblerone Gifting Pack is perfect for treating the whole family or a group of friends, with this bundle you get 5 x 100g bars of deliciousness in Toblerone's variety of flavours, neatly fitted together in a gorgeous gift box. That's 500g of chocolate in total! Indulge in a whirlwind of classic milk, white, dark or fruit and nut - there's something for everyone. You get 2 bars of the original milk chocolate, and one of each of the milk, dark and fruit and nut flavours. At £7.49 this is another super affordable pack, perfect for filling a few stockings at once, or treat someone (or yourself!) to a chocolate-filled heaven. The smaller 100g bars are perfect for little treats and to have out as nibblers at a festive buffet too. After all, it's not truly Christmas without adding Toblerone to the mix is it?!

Christmas Gifts With Toblerone
Christmas Gifts With Toblerone

Toblerone can be found available at a selection of supermarkets nationwide, including Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury's, ASDA & Morrisons. It's that easy to get hold of!


Will you be picking up either of these two Toblerone Christmas additions this year?


This post is in collaboration with Toblerone.