Country Makeover: Making A House Magic With Rustic Décor.

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It’s no surprise that so many of us long to live in the countryside – not only is it beautiful, but according to British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiology at the University of Edinburgh, David Newby, it’s actually better for our health, too. But city dwellings also have their benefits. As Tommy Sibiga at explains, urban areas are often more vibrant, contain far better transport links, and offer their residents the best pick of career options.


So, given that both are desirable places to live, why not meet in the middle and bring a country aesthetic into your non-rural home? By following our simple tips, you can achieve this.



Sorting out the essentials needn’t be boring – in fact, storage hunting these days can be hugely fun! Whether online or in store, there are a range of furniture brands like Cotswold Co. who offer pieces that are unique and timeless. The right storage can not only tidy, but elevate a room, which is why a rustic wardrobe or cupboard of high quality is essential for storage.



Heighten those homely vibes with a country-themed book case! The great thing is that this doesn’t have to be expensive! Visit your local charity shop and select the best literary fits for your shelves. This is affordable, helps others less fortunate, and can maximise the charm of your home. What’s more, there are plenty of visual prompts for organising bookshelves online.



Personalise your country home with posters and photographs of your favourite rural landscapes and scenes. An ample opportunity for rooting through photo albums, this is the ideal rainy-day activity. And if you feel like your photo collection is somewhat dated, why not visit your favourite spot and take some snaps there? You don’t need to hire a professional for the perfect shots – there are plenty of photography tips for this available online.



Appearance plays a huge role in making your home more countrified, but aroma can be influential as well. Catching a whiff of the scent we most heavily associate with the rural world could conjure powerful memories of it. So, the addition of fresh flowers and indoor plants found in these areas can improve the country feel of your home immensely.


If you don’t have enough time to peruse local garden centres and florists, no need to worry: there are myriads of companies specialising in flower and plant subscription boxes at affordable prices. So, you can bring that iconic fresh scent indoors for the whole year round and make your dream home a reality.



Decorating your living space with mementos from the countryside will help your happy memories from rural trips and holidays to surface whenever you see them, making sure that your day is filled with pick-me-ups for your mood. Don’t be afraid to look online for ideas: blogs and articles on displaying keepsakes and souvenirs are in abundance. This is the most fun part of decorating – so throw yourself in to the task and get creative.


We want our houses to reflect, recapture, and remind us of what we love most about life. So, it isn’t just for aesthetic reasons that a lot of us want to create the ideal country home – we want to develop a style that keeps us happy, warm and comforted where we live. This is why mirroring our preferred styles with our home interior is so valuable.