3 Essential Tips To Help You Ease Into A Minimalist Life.

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Becoming a minimalist is the best way to simplify your life. The clue is in the name; you want to become as minimal as possible – to rely on hardly anything to get by. In the past, it was much easier to transition into this way of life, but things are much harder now. We’ve grown up in a capitalist society that focuses on consumers buying everything in their site. As a result, we’re led to believe that we need so many things to live comfortably.


I’m not suggesting that you need to throw out all your belongings and live like a prehistoric cave dweller. But, reducing the number of things you own will help simplify your life. The hard part is transitioning, so here’s are some essential tips to ease you in:


Slowly Remove Things From Your Home

Our home is the main culprit when it comes to having too much stuff. Most houses are packed full of things that the owners never use. So, an excellent place to start is by slowing removing stuff from your home. Declutter rooms and get rid of junk that you simply have no use for. Then, and this is a pro tip, move a few things into storage. There are lots of storage companies out there offering competitive prices and spacious solutions, and you can find out more on their websites. The aim of this is to take things out of your life to see how you cope without them. You’ve not got rid of them completely, so you can get them back if you find that they are essential. It’s an easy way to determine if you actually need something or not, which helps the transition rather than just throwing out everything you own.


Set A Basic Budget Every Week

The problem most people have with minimalism is that they just buy things all the time out of impulse. When you’ve got a job and a steady flow of income, it’s so easy to buy stuff for the sake of it. To stop this, and ease into minimalism, set a basic budget every week. Work out how much you need to spend on food, then give yourself very little on top of this. This restricts your spending, and you can slowly tweak it week after week to limit your budget even more. Eventually, you start saving a lot of money and learn to stop buying useless things!


Limit Your Social Media Activity

Most people don’t know that minimalism extends beyond having a clean and clutter-free home. It’s also about having a clutter-free and simple life, which a lot of us don’t have thanks to social media. By wasting time on your phone scrolling through feeds and caring about what others think of you, it leads to a cluttered mind. My advice is to limit your social media activity; maybe disconnect from one platform every month until you’re only using one – and then use it sparingly.


Going minimalist is a lot like kicking an addiction; it’s much harder if you dive right into it. Ease yourself into this simplistic lifestyle by following the advice laid out above.