5 Great Additions Every Bathroom Needs.

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If you are planning a bathroom revamp anytime soon, this article was written with you in mind. There are always wonderful new features coming into the home improvement market, and by checking online suppliers, you can view some top quality bathroom fixtures and fittings. Here are just a few features that you could add to your bathroom, making it a more attractive place.


1. Heated Flooring – The ultimate in luxury, heated flooring is perfect for the freezing UK winters and is not that difficult to install. There are home improvement suppliers online who sell both wet and dry underfloor heating systems, and with their help, you can select the best system for your home. Say goodbye to that cold floor for good by installing underfloor heating.


2. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Transform your shower time into a singing bonanza and take advantage of the great bathroom acoustics with a state-of-the-art Bluetooth bathroom speaker. Some models have a sucker attachment and you simply stick the speaker onto the shower wall and your favourite MP3 playlist will make showering a real pleasure. Sound adds another dimension to any space and with excellent acoustics, you can really enjoy your favourites in hi-end sound.


3. Fixtures and Fittings – A stylish set of Franke bathroom taps will brighten up any bathroom, and if you buy from an online supplier, you can expect to pay trade prices. Matching towel rails complete the look, along with an attractive shower head, and with smart technology, the water temperature will always be just right. Stick with light colours, especially if you have limited space, as this will make the room feel a little more spacious.


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4. Shower Screens – Always a focal point, installing sleek and stylish shower screens will transform your bathroom. Seamless glass solutions make for a professional finish and they are easy to keep clean, something you’ll be thankful for in the future. There are styles to suit every taste and budget and if you are a DIY enthusiast, purchase the units online and fit them yourself. Whether a corner unit or a straight sliding door shower, the units are easily assembled and made to the highest standards and the kits come with full instructions.


5. Bathroom Furniture – Designer names like Roco offer the ultimate in stylish bathroom storage, with two or three drawer units that are designed with the bathroom in mind. A compact basin unit makes for the perfect vanity, or for the modern bathroom, a column unit would be ideal. If you have a large bathroom, why not have a sink unit that doubles up as 6-drawer storage?


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There are so many ways you can improve the bathroom and by checking out the extensive range of fixtures and fittings that the online supplier offers, you can select your items and with a secure online payment, the items will be despatched to your home address. Once you have everything, the project can be completed in a weekend, and when you consider how much you saved by doing it yourself, you can enjoy your new bathroom.