How To Reduce Your Heating Costs In Winter.

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Firstly, before winter hits you should make sure that your heating systems are in good working order. Ours have broken in the cold weather before and there’s nothing worse than sat shivering in your own home! Heating bills can become incredibly expensive during the colder months. From personal experience, my bill usually doubles, if not more than that when winter hits. I have to keep my house warm with a little one around so I have no choice but to have the heating on but I’ve discovered a few other ways that you can keep your heating costs that bit lower to save yourself some ££!


Invest in the right boiler.

If you’re due an upgrade or a new boiler, make sure you choose wisely. In my old house the person that had lived there previously had got a conventional boiler and it was the thing of nightmares, we had never ending issues with it because it should have been a combi boiler. My landlord ended up having to spend so much money fixing problems when in the long run it would have been cheaper to just buy the correct one in the first place.


Consider switching suppliers.

It’s crazy how much money can be saved just from looking into better deals and switching suppliers. You can usually switch suppliers at any time you like so you can either set your emails up for receiving quotes or just browse yourself every now and again for a more affordable supplier. It can sometimes feel like a faff but you’ll save so much money by doing so.


Avoid using the tumble dryer unless absolutely necessary.

I found this one to be a huge money saver, running tumble dryers to dry your clothes is hella expensive! I bought myself a little drying rack and I take full advantage of the radiators for drying my clothes, rather than shoving everything in the dryer. Another little tip I discovered was to hang clothes in the warmest rooms of the house – like the bathroom for example. Hanging your wet sheets or towels over your shower door and then closing the bathroom door to keep the heat in works a charm. You can also buy heated drying racks which I believe are cheaper to use than the tumble dryer but using your radiator costs even less.


Watch out for gaps.

One of the worst things about heating your home is having to heat it for longer periods and more often if the heat is escaping. Poorly sealed window frames, doors, skirting board and sockets are the biggest culprits, so make sure to seal up anything that looks like it needs it.


Turn the hot water off when it’s not in use.

Such an easy mistake to make but if you have a switch for your hot water like I did in my old house, leaving it on seemed to make my heating bill go up so much quicker. I started only turning it on when needing to bath or shower on an evening and the difference it made was unreal! Don’t both heating water that you’re not using.


Get out and about during the day.

Those that are out at work all day have much lower bills in winter because they aren’t at home during the day time! Get out of bed on a morning and go out for a drive, a walk, go sit in a cafe to work, anything like that which gets you out the house means you’re not sat at home with the heating on. It can save you a fortune and is definitely a tip to consider.


Let me know how you get on if you try out any of these tips.