Preparing Your Garden For Spring.

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Spring is only two months away from us and those who take pride in their gardens might already be starting to prep them for the change in season. We have quite a large garden and it’s a place we love to spend time in during the warmer seasons so it’s always important to us to keep it in the best condition all year round in preparation. Gardens can however be easy to ignore, so here’s a few starting points to help you get started!


Have a tidy up – having a general tidy up and clearing your garden of leaves and other rubbish can be really helpful in having all of your flower beds looking their best for the Spring time.


Clean your greenhouse – if you have one! Diseases can infect all of your fresh plants so ensure you wash all of your pots and trays well and let them dry out.


Order summer-flowering seeds – this is a big one if you really want to be prepared. It’s best to get them all planted in the early spring for a powerful and colourful summer display.


Clean your gardening tools – sharpening and cleaning up your gardening tools helps to preserve them and helps stop diseases from spreading too. If you prep each and every one by sharpening them, then they will work a lot better when you need them.


Work the soil – if the soil is dry enough, you can start to work on breaking it up and add some compost to get the environment ready for your plants.


Start your seeds indoors – you can start planting your seeds indoors and later on transfer the small plants to the garden when they’re ready. You can reuse household items to start them such as eggshells, toilet roll tubes, egg cartons and paper cups to keep everything environmentally friendly!


Hire a gardener – it might be in your interests to get a bit of help with your garden, even if it’s just to begin with to help you get back into the swing of things after neglecting it through the winter. If you have a browse of some local gardeners you might find the right price that’s worth paying for that extra pair of hands.