So You Fancy Moving Abroad?

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Moving abroad can be such an exciting, life changing (but nerve-wracking!) experience and the transition can be made a lot simpler by having a solid plan to hand. Even if you’re just going abroad temporarily – like to study for example, it’s still extremely beneficial to plan ahead, for the best and the worst. Here’s some tips that may help you get started with your planning!


Don’t Rush Into It

Moving abroad is such a big decision that you should take your time to make sure you know it’s the right choice for you. Visit the area that you plan to move to and make sure it’s somewhere you truly want to live – especially before buying a property. Take your time choosing the right house or apartment for you too, a decision that’s not to be taken lightly as you want it feel as homely as possible for your fresh start.


Check Your Paperwork

Paperwork – the stuff of nightmares. Make sure it’s all correct and everything is in order to avoid any mishaps. You can visit the government website for more info if you want some extra help with that side of things. There is a lot of people to notify when you leave the country too, not to mention sorting out your visa, so make sure you don’t miss anything out.



The more stuff you take with you, the more it will cost you to move. We’re all guilty of hoarding a lot of rubbish that collects together over the years so have a big old clear out well before your move to avoid taking it with you. Make a list of the items that you really can’t be without and go from there.


Get As Much Help As Possible

If you have family and friends offering a hand, take it! It can be an incredibly stressful time moving house in general, let alone to a whole new country. It’s also wise to choose your international removals company carefully to ensure you get the best service, make sure you book one well in advance so you get the best before they get busy – and pick one that comes with all the perks! This helps you make your move go as smoothly as possible.


Get To Know The Community

It can help you settle in easier if you try and get to know the community you’re moving to a bit better before you arrive. You could do this by searching for facebook groups for that country and enquire to see if there’s anyone living in your town in the group. Or even better than that you could search for groups for that town specifically. Another important factor is getting to know the culture of the country you’re moving to, so if you’re moving to France for example, learn about the french food, the history and the language. It can help to make sure that you’re clued up so you aren’t in for a shock!


If you follow all these steps it will help make your transition into a new country much, much easier. Good luck!