Three Ways To Earn From Your Love of Beauty.

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Have a passion for beauty and makeup? Why not take it to the next level and turn it into a career? There are lots of ways you can go about this, here are a few ideas.


Start a beauty blog

Blogging can be incredibly lucrative, and many bloggers now work full time on their websites earning themselves a decent living. However, it does take time to reach this stage. Often, successful bloggers earning money from their sites have been running them for many years. Start your blog as a hobby, enjoy creating interesting content, attending events, meeting new people and building your skills. It’s something you can start with next to no money and you can do as little or much work on it as you want- making it an ideal hobby and something you can fit around work and other commitments. As time goes on, your traffic increases and your domain authority improves, sponsors and advertisers will start contacting you in regards to paid collaborations. Invest in a domain name, as well as a responsive template- sites like Etsy sell very nice ones and they aren’t expensive.


Become a makeup artist

If you have a passion for makeup and beauty, chances are the job of a makeup artist is highly appealing. You get to be creative and really have fun, and as it’s a very social job it’s perfect for those with great people skills. You could work as a wedding or special events makeup artist, or even branch out into special effects for things like tv and film. It all starts with education, sign up to a course and get yourself qualified. From there, you can see which kinds of techniques and styles you most enjoy, and specialise here. You could go and work on a beauty counter, giving advice and makeovers to customers, or you could set up as self employed and start your own business.


Start a business buying and selling makeup

If you have a love for makeup but don’t necessarily have the right skill set to become a makeup artist, there are other things you can do. You could become a seller for a bigger store, companies like The Body Shop and Avon give people the chance to sell their products while running their own little business. Otherwise you could look into setting up yourself. You could buy products wholesale, and then re-sell them for a profit. Think of creative ways to re-sell them, you could make beauty gift hampers for special occasions, sell ‘lucky dip’ lots (people pay a set amount and get a random selection of items) or something else entirely. There are a few extra costs and considerations to think about when setting up your own company. You’ll need a website, and a good marketing team to promote this for you- you can outsource this work to a professional company. You’ll need the right software, for example Netverify from Jumio is here for your business’s compliance needs and can help you to avoid fraud and theft.


There are lots of directions you could take your passion for beauty and makeup. Which would you choose?