Alternative Plans To Do With Your Kids This Half Term.

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There comes a time when every parent needs to set some time aside and bond with their kids. Half term is that time; the kids are off school, the smell of freedom is in the air, and the great outdoors are beckoning. Of course, it’s okay for them to stay indoors and play a video game or two on a rainy day – but with so much free time, most of it should be put to better use! Apparently, going outdoors actually helps children’s eyesight too, so some out of the house activities are where the focus can be for you. Here are some alternative plans to do with your kids this half term!


Camping Trip

Camping is something that most people can get onboard with. Even when it’s a struggle it’s fun, and all the difficulties that come with camping (i.e. bad weather, mild accidents and misfortune) make for good stories and memories later in life. In a sense, camping can be a teamworking activity for the whole family – one that’s interspersed with some leisurely campfire relaxing at night time. It’s the ultimate bonding experience! There’re skills they can pick up here too; how to pitch a tent, start a fire etc. It’s unlikely, but these skills could be somewhat handy should you ever, say, get marooned on a holiday in a remote location. In the end, no matter which way the trip goes, it’s all useful and potentially fun! If your kids ever go camping with their friends in their teenage years, they’ll be able to hold their own and contribute there too!


Museum Trip

Few kids would take to the idea of more learning over half term. However, they just might make an exception if it’s something they want to learn. For example, they may be quite willing to trade their mathematics classes for some natural history; and the half term holiday allows them to do this. Head to the city, and head to the museum. You can facilitate your child’s interests and encourage them to learn more about what intrigues them, which may just earn you some cool parent points. After all, your kids would no doubt feel delighted if you took an interest in the things that they like. If museums aren’t their thing, flip the tables here; take them to a museum you find interesting and explain why you love it so much. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be passing down a passion for knowledge!


Head to London

You can find many museums in London, but there are also other things to discover too. Namely, all the tourist attractions that are on offer. Remember, London Eye tickets are constantly available and affordable, and you can simply roam around the outskirts of places like St Pauls Cathedral completely free of charge and drink in its magnificence. There’s a lot to see and do in the city. If you and your kids are from a rural town, and your kids get easily bored there, the capital might just be the place to provide some much-needed stimulation and perk up their interests a bit. Crowds, noise, famous landmarks, different kinds of people – it’s all enough to rejuvenate them ready for the next term ahead. There’re also lots of quality restaurants to enjoy too, as well as West End theatre. Shake things up a bit and sample it all as a family!