How To Style Your Work Outfit In 3 Easy Steps.

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Dressing appropriately for work can feel like a balancing act. Of course, it gets a little harder when you want to pull of a stylish, yet suitable look too. Dress codes remain an important part of many workplaces, and while many people have now begun to question their relevance, the rules persist. Still, even employers who are fairly relaxed about dress still have standards. Therefore, styling a work outfit for maximum style, comfort and presentation can be a big task. Still, it’s not impossible either! Consequently, here’s 3 easy steps to help you style your perfect work outfit!


Formal Wear, Informal Colours

If your workplace has a formal view on attire, then unfortunately, there’s not much wiggle room for you. Still, that’s not to say there’s none either! Even if you’re wearing the most robust power suit of modern times, if it’s in an eccentric blue or a bright pink, you’re injecting personality into your attire without compromising an inch of your professional decorum. It’s a dichotomy that both boggles the mind, yet somehow still works in terms of style and professionalism. Consider picking up some formal wear but aim for outfits that are in less common ‘business colours’, which typically include muted greys, navys and blacks. Instead, go for the bolder side of things; reds, pinks, greens, etc. It might just add an inflection of character to an otherwise mundane outfit, pleasing everybody.


Informal and Formal Wear

Aside from the colour side of things, sometimes different kinds of outfits can be creatively spliced together. Mix and match some informal and formal wear and figure out what could work in the office! For example, a blazer and buttoned shirt could still be feasibly paired with some snug comfy jeans for work, so test the waters here and see if you can create a nice blend. Obviously, when you’re shopping around for the right kind of trousers, companies like Damart provide an enormous amount of choice, so it can be hard to really narrow things down when there’s so much to like! However, a polka dot patterned trouser paired with a blazer, for example, might look formal, even if it’s a wide-legged trouser too! There’s definitely a middle ground to be found in the formal vs informal arena, so try to pinpoint it!


Nuanced Accessories

Sometimes, accessories can just be the perfect things to cap off an outfit. If you have some slick jewellery, cufflinks, glasses, earrings etc, then by all means see how you can incorporate them into your work outfit. These will add little touches of personality throughout your attire, so long as they’re not too overbearing or at odds with company policies. Try not to be too ‘attention grabbing’ what any accessories you choose to use. For example, don’t head into work with a £1000 clutch bag and two chandeliers for earrings! Nevertheless, some smart cufflinks and understated jewellery could elevate your outfit in a subtle, stylish way – giving you that work outfit that everybody loves but can’t quite put their finger on.