Making Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary.

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Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, for you personally it should be the most important room of all. It is the only place that is yours (okay maybe half yours if you share with a partner). As the last place you see at night and the first thing you wake up to each day, as well as the place you sleep in; your bedroom should be somewhere peaceful, somewhere where you can relax and somewhere you can escape to. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure that your bedroom is your sanctuary:


It’s All About The Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of creating ambiance in a room. Try to avoid bright or fluorescent overhead lights, and instead go for floor and table lamps with dimmers.


Make Your Room Smell Beautiful

Certain scents are said to have an impact on the brain’s emotional center and can provide sedative effects. Make sure you keep your favorite relaxing scent on hand, whether it’s a plugin or lovely relaxing candles for when you’re having one of those days.


Indulge In A Soft Carpet

You can’t beat that feeling of bare feet on an ultra soft carpet or even a rug. Imagine, you candle’s lit, your pajamas are on, and you can walk across the room with bare feet feeling like you’re walking on the clouds. A beautiful carpet or fluffy rug also adds comfort and warmth to a room.


Choose Your Bed Carefully

A headboard can help to make your bed feel extra special and indulgent. They also come in a wide variety of prices and styles, so are manageable on a lot of different budgets. Your mattress needs to be comfy, your bed big enough for stretching out in and also you want something that’s going to last a long time like these wholesale beds.


Neutral Colours Are Calming

Many people opt for bold and patterned styles to decorate their bedrooms; it is wiser to stick to more neutral and calming colors for your sleep space. Add small pops of color if you want to, but do this with the odd pillow or throw can be soft and unique, but also changed easily, should you get bored and fancy a change.


Think About Feng Shui

There are Feng Shui tips specifically for the bedroom which you can find online. Traditional Feng Shui, says that your bed should face the door of the room, so you have a view of the entrance, as it will subconsciously make you feel safer and more in control as you sleep.


Keep It Tidy

Having an organized bedroom is key to feeling at peace because clutter is a reminder of things undone. Your bedroom should be a calm place and never somewhere of stress, so while redecorating and reorganizing can take some time, it doesn’t have to be overly costly, and it shouldn’t be a stressful job either. Have some fun with it because it can make a huge difference in your quality of life.