Vintage And Antique Jewellery For A Valentine’s Day Gift.

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If you would like to surprise your partner with a gift to be remembered, vintage or antique jewellery makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. There is something very romantic about a ring or necklace that has been around for a few hundred years, and if you have yet to source a Valentine’s Day gift, it isn’t too late to acquire stunning antique or vintage jewellery.


* Antique Georgian Period Pendant – This would make an ideal gift at any time of the year, but even more so on Valentine’s Day. Typically crafted in 18ct gold, the pendant itself could be in the form of a heart, and with online antique dealers, you can pick from vintage jewellery for sale and antique jewellery, of which there are many stunning pendants. Buying from an online antique dealer ensures that you have a wider choice of items, plus you can be sure that the item in question is, in fact, a genuine antique piece.


* Art Deco Diamond Ring – There are many art deco designs, some with a central stone and many clustered around it, which was a popular design in the 1920s and 1930s. If you are also planning to pop the question on this annual day for lovers, this style of ring might be perfect for the engagement. As you know her style in clothing and jewellery, sourcing something suitable is much easier when buying from an online antique dealer, who would have an extensive catalogue of antique and vintage diamond rings, all at affordable prices.


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* A Stunning Jewellery Box – Every woman needs a safe place to keep their jewellery, and by investing in something like a veneered 19th century regency jewellery box. While the item might have been relined, the original veneer should be in excellent condition, and if you purchase from an established online antique dealer, you can be sure that the item is as described. Rosewood and satinwood are common materials and every time she opens the box, she will remember who gave it to her.


* Hallmarked Silver Bracelet – There are many fine examples that were made in the 1960s and 70s, with exquisite engraving and insets of precious stones. Of course, you should know what types of jewellery your partner likes, and don’t be in a rush to make a decision, especially with online jewellers that specialise in antique and vintage jewellery items.


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If you have yet to select your partner’s Valentine’s Day gift, it isn’t too late, and by browsing a few online antique dealers’ websites, you will eventually come across something that ticks all the boxes. One cannot help to wonder about the history of an antique item of jewellery, which is a big part of the attraction for old items, and whatever you buy her, she will no doubt imagine a long history that comes with the item.