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Mother's Day Gifts With Pretty Useful Tools

A trio of gifts for Mums on the go…

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to introduce you to a brand called Pretty Useful Tools. If you’re a fellow mama bear yourself then you’ll already know how hectic life is 24/7 for mums. Even us beauty bloggers with little ones can have days (or even weeks!) where we hardly get a minute to ourselves and setting aside 5 minutes to just quickly paint your nails can be an impossible task. We have so much to juggle on an everyday basis and sometimes all we want is ten minutes peace on a morning to feel a bit more polished and less like a walking zombie. This Mother’s Day, I challenge you to add a bit of self-love into your everyday routine to give you a boost of confidence and to help you feel good about yourself. Whether you’re sleep deprived from a newborn, dealing with an abundance of toddler tantrums, or swept up in a whirlwind of school runs and homework battles – Pretty Useful Tools have a collection of products that may come in handy…

Pretty Useful Tools

Pretty Useful Tools offer a collection of beauty, home, travel, outdoor and barware tools & accessories that have been designed to tackle everything that life throws at you, all whilst looking snazzy. Everything has been made for the style-conscious, so whilst you’re equipping your life with all of these handy gems, you can look cool as hell. Everything from the way it’s packaged to the very last detail of the product inside, has been so carefully thought out and well-presented. They not only offer an array of extremely handy gift ideas, but they are just absolutely beautiful and gorgeously designed. I love that each product has its  own branding too, they each have an individual pattern so that no two products are alike. The little kits that are on offer also come encased in a beautifully designed tin which can be kept to store things in, I love packaging that you can reuse and little tins are my favourites in particular. They are fab for keeping little trinkets and other things in!

Mother's Day Gifts With Pretty Useful Tools

Beauty Multi-Tool

The Beauty Multi-Tool is probably the most convenient beauty product I’ve ever owned. No joke. So essentially this looks a bit like a pen knife but it’s a more feminine version… inside it you can flip out scissors, a comb, a mirror, a nail file, tweezers, nail clippers – I mean how amazing right?! Not only is this perfect for travelling with, but it’s the handiest little tool to keep in my car. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve needed to file a nail, or comb Ru’s hair, or even cut a tag off something! And just look at it too, the gold details are absolutely stunning. Honestly cannot think of a single mum (or lady!) who wouldn’t love one of these.

Mother's Day Gifts With Pretty Useful Tools
Mother's Day Gifts With Pretty Useful Tools

Thrive Kit

The Thrive Kit is another handy little kit for travellers or mums on the go. Again, would be super handy to keep in the car. In the (gorgeous may I add) tin there is a beautiful little coconut hand cream, a pocket mirror with a brush, ear plugs, a nail file, a lip balm and a selection of hair ties and grips. Not only is this literally the perfect little set to pop in your luggage, but it’s so convenient for mums, particularly ones with little girls! Imagine always having a little brush, hair ties and grips to hand in your handbag or your car. I can only imagine the amount of stress it would reduce on a rushed school run in the morning. Genius.

Mother's Day Gifts With Pretty Useful Tools
Mother's Day Gifts With Pretty Useful Tools

Travel Manicure Kit

Last but not least, we have the Travel Manicure Kit. If you’re a fan of pink then you’ll absolutely love this one, just look at it – pink and gold? What more could a girl want, it’s gorge. This one is quite similar to the beauty multi-tool, but a bit lighter and more girly! With this you get the three main tools you need to keep your nails (and eyebrows) nice and tidy – tweezers, clippers and a nail file. I’m a bit obsessed with how instagrammable this one is to be honest, it’s lush. I think I might pop this one on my car keys because it’s ideal to have to hand with the amount of road trips I go on. 

Which product will you choose?

Pretty Useful Tools have so many other gorgeous options to pick from too. Every single one makes for the perfect gift for not just yourself, but another fellow mama. Treat yourself or your own mum this Mother’s Day with something that they will truly love and find so useful. The packaging and the design of these products alone makes them beautiful gifts! You can find all of the products available to purchase from the webstore here, and you can get 15% off everything with the code GEMMA15OFF.


Do you think you’ll be treating yourself to one of these beauties?


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