Delightful Decor: Making Your Home Look More Personal.

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Have you spent time carefully decorating your home, curating the perfect items of furniture and playing around with the layout- but something still feels like it’s missing? It could be that it’s lacking a personal touch. Home is your little respite from the world and the most personal place to you, so it should reflect this. Here’s how you can go about it.


Display photos

With great cameras on our smartphones these days, most of us spend at least a little time each week snapping pictures. But how many of them ever get displayed? There are companies online that you can order pictures from, they send your prints right to your door and it costs hardly anything. So no need to buy a printer and keep investing in ink! You can buy photo frames online in just about any style imaginable so it’s easy to find something that fits your decor. Pictures give guests an insight into your life, and it’s also nice for you to be reminded of your highlights. They add a real personal touch to any home, whether it’s a framed photo stood on a bedside table or a full gallery wall in the living room.


Accessorise with your favourite colour

So many of us choose colours for our home because they’re what we think we’re supposed to have, not because they’re hues we love. So why not do things differently, accessorise with a colour you genuinely enjoy looking at! Whether it’s bold, bright red, jewel tones of navy or purple or pretty pastels; find rugs, wallpaper, curtains, cushion covers, lampshades and other items and display them proudly in your home. If you want to keep it subdued, decorate using white, cream or a very light grey on the walls and then bring in the colour just using accessories. Instead of painting or wallpapering all walls, you could add an accent wall just on one wall.


Put your favourite books and novels on a bookshelf

Just about all of us have books that mean something to us. You might even have a novel or a set of books you’ve read over and over. Perhaps you have an author whose work you absolutely love. It could be self help books, novels or even cookbooks- either way, instead of storing them away display them instead! It’s another way to show a little of yourself in the room. You could go with a full bookcase, alternating rows of books with decorative items and ornaments for a fun look. Or you could have a wall shelf put up, and display your books with bookends either side.


Display items from your travels

Another way to give a personal touch to your home is to display items that you’ve purchased over the years from your travels. It can add a little culture to your home and also creates a talking point for those visiting you. It could be anything from an African mask, to a hanging tapestry from south America or a fun sign or plaque.