Whitening With WhiteWash Nano.

 Whiter teeth from the comfort of your home…

Before I became pregnant, I whitened my teeth quite a lot. I always used teeth whitening strips that were pretty intense and left me with sensitivity for days which was really awful. I put up with it because they worked, but it was still horrible to deal with for a few days post-whitening. I then fell pregnant and read it was unknown whether or not teeth whitening was safe to do during pregnancy so obviously I decided to avoid it completely. I also read it wasn’t known to be safe whilst breastfeeding which I did for a while after I gave birth so again, I avoided it. I sort of got out of the routine of whitening my teeth by this point as it had been over a year since I last did it, and then the opportunity to review some whitening strips from the Whitewash Nano Range* landed in my inbox. Of course I jumped at the opportunity because I’d noticed that my teeth were nowhere near as white with it being so long since I last whitened them!

The Nano range is absolutely beautiful, like who would have thought dental products could look so pretty? The white and gold packaging just makes them look and feel so luxurious, I love it. The products promise to help repair damage to the teeth as well as helping to remove stains without any sensitivity. This is perfect for me as I have really sensitive teeth and gums, and skin, and just basically everything. I also hate how other teeth whitening products leave me with that horrible sensitivity for days. I have loved using these products for the last few weeks as they have actually whitened my teeth and I’ve experienced no sensitivity at all which is bloody fab. The only thing I didn’t use from the kit is the floss because, not gonna lie, I don’t ever floss. It just seems like an unnecessary chore (I’m sure it isn’t) and not only that, but it always hurts my gums so I would just rather not. I always brush my teeth really well tho so yano, don’t judge me k. Anyway here are my thoughts on the products that I’ve been using for the last few weeks;

I’ve been using this as part of my morning routine for the past couple of weeks and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the discolouration on my teeth. I can’t vouch for this on its own as I have been using it combined with the other products, but it’s a lovely toothpaste to use. I have sensitive teeth and I can find some are so minty that it’s overpowering and I find it to feel a bit full on, but this one is nice and mild. It’s also one of those toothpastes that foams up (I hate the one’s that don’t) so I actually feel like my teeth are being cleaned! If you want to try it, I recommend picking up one of the sets where you get this as well as the mouthwash.

Nano Whitening Mouthwash // £14.95
Mouthwash is another product I tend to avoid because it always makes my mouth SO sore. However, I decided to give this one a go because it deserves a chance right? Also everyone I know swears by mouthwash so it must have a lot of benefits. I’ve completely changed my opinion on mouthwash now as this one is so gentle on my mouth whilst leaving me with a lovely refreshed feeling afterwards. Plus it’s cleaning my teeth & helping to whiten them, so what could be better?! I have a feeling this product will be staying put in my routine for a while.

Nano Intensive Whitening Strips // £24.95
Now for the star of the show, the whitening strips. So like I said above, before I became pregnant I used whitening strips quite often and they left my teeth with such a horrible sensitivity issue for days, like it was quite painful. These did not do that AT ALL. What a miracle. I also noticed results after the first couple of uses, they’re just amazing! They say to leave them on for 30 mins (all whitening strips I’ve used say this) but I always leave them on for at least an hour as I’ve always found they work better for me that way. Even with that extra half hour, I still never got any sensitivity. I used these every day for two weeks and experienced no sensitivity whatsoever yet my teeth became a shade whiter which is just perfect. I think these will be my go-to whitening strips from now on, I’m so impressed!

So overall I’m really impressed with all of these products and think they’re totally worth the hype. Have you tried this range yet?