A Guide To Textured Hair.

umberto giannini review pouf products how to get textured hair

Five products that will help you achieve textured hair…


What is textured hair? I once thought textured hair meant the feel of it, soft, crispy, straw like… that kinda thing, but no. Textured hair is actually hair that has shape and dimension to it, a curl, a wave – anything that isn’t straight. I basically live in textured hair, I hate, hate my hair straight, it HAS to be curly or wavy at all times, so over the years I’ve picked up a few things about what works. Well for me anyway, but hopefully for you guys too! A lot of the time I find my hair goes kinky (especially in rain!) rather than having a specific curl or wave to it, but even that is classed as textured hair so who cares right? As long as it’s not straight I’m fine with it.


Maintaining textured hair can be quite the challenge at times, we all have those days where your hair just won’t play ball and won’t hold any sort of style whatsoever. This is mainly the kinda time where I’ve picked up the best tips on how to handle it and keep it styled throughout the day. Some of you may already know that I’m actually one of Umberto Giannini’s UG girls so basically, the only products that I’ve been using on my hair for the past few months have been theirs, and let me tell you. No word of a lie, I’m addicted to their products, not a single one has failed me yet and since using them my hair has never looked so good. Today I’m going to share my current favourite styling products to create texture as well as how I use them so you might just pick up a tip or two!


umberto giannini review pouf products how to get textured hair

umberto giannini review pouf products how to get textured hair


Umberto umberto giannini review pouf products how to get textured hairGiannini Pouf! Magic Wash Dazzling Shampoo

The dazzling shampoo from UG has become my favourite shampoo to use on a daily basis. Well, I only wash my hair every other day but you know what I mean. It’s a lightweight shampoo designed specifically for choppy layers, bobs, you name it. It’s left my hair feeling so clean and hydrated without being over the top. I suffer with oily roots so I hate shampoo that leaves it greasy the next day, but at the same time I don’t want my hair drying out and breaking off. This is the perfect in-between product and it leaves my hair super manageable in the morning ready for styling!


Umberto Giannini Pouf! Magic Care Conditioner

The dazzling conditioner is the perfect companion to the shampoo above, again perfect for everyday use. I require my conditioners to be super moisturising as I only use them on the ends of my hair where it’s quite dry and this one is ideal. It leaves my hair so smooth whilst detangling my thin frizzy ends making it so easy to style on a morning. Honestly, I’m not even joking, since using this shampoo & conditioner duo I’ve started waking up with beach like hair rather than the usual frizzy mess I have and it’s so much easier to curl! Did I mention they both have a delicious citrus scent to them too?!


Umberto Giannini Powder Pouf Volumising Powder

For voluminous locks, the UG volumising powder has you completely covered. You sprinkle a bit of this bad boy into your roots, parting it into a few different sections so it really gets in there and then scrunch it in with your fingers for mega volume. My favourite way to use this is to put some in my hands and then sort of massage it into my hair, deep into the roots and then afterwards give it a bit of a back comb with my hairbrush. My hair is naturally thin and quite flat so I cannot tell you how much this saves my life on a daily basis! I end up with such an un-done textured look to my hair, exactly how I like it. I just hate hair that looks pristine and perfect don’t you?


Umberto Giannini Mess Up Dry Texturising Spray

In all honesty, if I had to choose, this one is probably my favourite product out of all five. The UG dry texturising spray is an absolute dreamboat if you love texturising products that actually work. It’s one of the few texturising sprays on the market that doesn’t leave my hair damp and limp, lacking in style. It instantly gives my hair that ‘oomph’ that it needs and adds such a lovely amount of volume to my layers and waves. I don’t tend to use hairspray to keep my hair styled as it does the opposite effect and makes it fall out, but this little number is like a texturising and hairspray rolled into one and actually keeps my hair intact for hours on end. There’s no crispyness either which is a bonus, my hair doesn’t even feel like it has product in! I’m genuinely obsessed with this and if you love your hair to have movement and volume then you absolutely need it in your life.


Umberto Giannini Piecey Paste

Last but not least, we have a product that I normally wouldn’t reach for off the shelf. The separation paste from UG is a creamy paste designed to give you a piecey, undone texture (obvs.) It’s got the most amazing scent to it I have to say, and it’s great when used in tiny tiny amounts. It’s not my favourite out of the five but when I’m just feeling super lazy and want to make minimal effort with my hair, this comes in so handy. It adds texture to my hair to give it a sort of beachy look when I can’t be bothered to curl it and I live for it, mostly on Sundays! If you pick this up, I do advise using it in very small amounts as it works wonders but not if you go overboard and end up looking like a greaseball.


umberto giannini review pouf products how to get textured hair


Do you love textured hair? What are your favourite products to use? You can pick up Umberto Giannini products in Boots on a 3 for 2 offer so get in quick and treat yourself!


This post contains products that have been gifted to me.