Cult Beauty Turns 10.

cult beauty 10th birthday cult beauty haul products swatches

10 years of Cult Beauty!

Cult Beauty is one of my favourite beauty destinations on the web, it's one of the best because it stocks so many top brands. They have now been around for a decade which is absolutely crazy! I wasn't even aware they had been going for so long because I was only 14 ten years ago and back then it definitely wasn't the norm to wear a whole lotta makeup. Last week they sent me over the most gorgeous package to celebrate their tenth birthday and today I'm sharing the contents of the box. The package contains a best-selling beauty product from each year they've been around which is such a genius idea. I've included everything except the delicious little biscuiteers biscuit that was in the box because I ate that up before I managed to get photos. I couldn't stop myself... it was worth it.

cult beauty 10th birthday cult beauty haul products swatches
cult beauty 10th birthday cult beauty haul products swatches


The beauty blender is a product that I literally cannot be without in my routine now. I remember the first time I got one and fell in love with how it applied my foundation and I've been purchasing them ever since! I feel like nothing compares to the original beauty blender and I'm veryyyy happy to have a back up in my drawer.



I've never heard of this fragrance before but it's such a unique idea. The formula is supposed to blend with your natural pheromones for a spellbinding effect. It's a single note fragrance that's basically a more natural way to wear perfume without it being too overpowering. I find the funny thing about this perfume is that you can't really smell it on yourself but everyone else can smell it on you! I would definitely recommend this to those that don't like strong scents but still want to smell good.



This healing balm is like a pot of do-it-all - the ingredients are 100% natural and it's aim is to soothe and nourish the skin. I suffer with dryness and eczema so I've been using this loads and it's helped my skin out so much. I'm also able to use it on Ru because it's baby friendly so when he's been getting a patch of dry skin I've been using it on him too! I've had super dry lips lately and it's worked a dream as a lip balm. Definitely a handy little jar to have on your bathroom shelf.



I haven't actually used this yet but I've swatched it and it's so gorgeous. It's a very sheer illuminator that will give the skin a beautiful sheen, I can imagine it's perfect for no makeup days. I can't wait to try it out when I'm giving my skin a little break so I can still look nice and glowy!



If you read my blog regularly then you'll already know how much I love the Alpha H Liquid Gold. When I had an outbreak of acne this was one of the products that completely saved my skin and cleared up so much of the redness and scarring. I recently ran out of mine so I'm over the moon to have a new bottle, I'm already using it every morning and evening again!

huda beauty rose gold remastered palette swatches
huda beauty rose gold remastered palette swatches


So, until this box came the other day, I had never ever tried the ABH Brow Wiz. I've heard so many things about it over the years but I've never actually bought it myself as I was more of a pomade kinda gal. Recently I've become obsessed with brow pencils and now they're all I use but I was just using the ones I had lying around rather than investing in new ones. ANYWAY, I cannot believe that I haven't tried this bad boy out before because I am absolutely hooked already. It's the most incredible brow product I've ever used, it fills my brows like a dream, I can apply it lightly for a super natural look or a bit heavier for a more defined look. The spoolie that comes on one end is amazing for really getting in between the hairs to spread the product out to help it look more natural too. The nib on the pencil is so thin so you can easily mimic brow hairs by creating strokes with it, and the best part? It requires no sharpening because you just twist to get more product! I feel like I should have written an entire post on this because I have definitely jumped on the bandwagon. I can assure you that I'll be repurchasing this for the foreseeable future, the addiction is real.



I've been using the ABH brow pomade for years, I've used many drugstore alternatives since but the ABH one was the first pomade I ever got my hands on. I was obsessed with it for years and it was all I used on my brows, I really learnt to up my brow game with this gem. Even now, when I use a pomade the brush I use is the dinky ABH angled brush that they paired with this product. If you want brows that will last all day, even through torrential rain then the ABH pomade is the way forward.



I haven't tried many products from Oskia, I've only ever tried a couple of travel sized products but I've never been disappointed. One of my favourites out of what I've trialled was the Renaissance Mask that I still have lying around somewhere. When I saw that their Renaissance Cleansing Gel was included in the parcel I was superrrrr excited to try it out - I'm always up for trying out a new cleanser. So far so good with this one, I'm using it every evening whilst I shower and it melts into my skin like a dream and leaves my face feeling lovely and hydrated.



Admittedly I'm not a fan of liquid lipsticks, if you're a regular over here then you'll probably know that. However, I've always loved the look of the Huda offerings so I was definitely up for giving this one a go. I'm obsessed with the packaging of these, it's so instagram! This one is in the shade TrendsetterĀ which is a beautiful deep mauve-y shade, kinda reminds me of MAC twig? I haven't actually worn this yet as I'm a bit reluctant to wear a liquid lip whilst my lips are going through a bit of a dry phase but when swatched the formula seems super creamy and thin so I reckon it will be lovely and lightweight on the lips.



Last but not least, we have the absolute babe that is the Huda Rose Gold Remastered Palette. I have been desperate to get my mitts on a Huda eyeshadow palette for the longest time but I've just never been able to justify it with how many palettes I already have. I can safely say that I've been hugely missing out all of this time because this palette is an absolute dream. From the packaging to the formula of the shadows themselves, it's just gorgeous. Every single shade is so creamy and pigmented, particularly the shimmers. They glide on and blend so beautifully, I'm completely smitten. Just look at those swatches!

So those are the beauty products that came to celebrate Cult Beauty's 10th birthday, along with the biscuiteers biscuit that I mentioned earlier, a jar of sweets, some really cute stickers, a phone accessory and the gorgeous makeup bag that can be seen in the main photo for the post! I was definitely spoilt with this parcel and I've discovered some beaut new products that I can't wait to play around with more. What's your favourite Cult Beauty purchase?

This post contains gifted items.